Christmasathon: Day 16 – 18

Some more TV specials to get us to the week before Christmas!

Day 16: The Fast Show – Christmas Special


Set: Around the festive period
What happens?: All the favourite Fast Show characters are back with a festive twist.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: Yes, in many places. The scene between Ted and his boss is particularly sweet.
What lessons are learned?: Don’t open the door to carol singers. Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes. Someone always fancies a pint. This is still my favourite sketch show of all time.

Day 17: Outnumbered – Christmas Special 2011


Set on: Christmas Day
What happens?: The Brockmans are due to fly to the Canary Islands on Christmas day but Sue is nervous to leave granddad, who is in hospital and Karen has toothache.
Does it snow?: No
Is it heartwarming?: Ultimately yes
What lessons are learned?: Make very sure you get the name of the person who you are suggesting has spent time in prison. The road to the airport is never that straight.

Day 18: Friends – The One with Phoebe’s Dad


Set on: Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
What happens?: Phoebe finds out where her dad is but is unsure about meeting him. Rachel and Monica’s plan to give out cookies as gifts instead of money backfires.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: Kind of
What lessons are learned?: Gift giving is a tricky prospect. The fridge is a great place to cool your arse if your boiler is broken.

“Chandler Bing: Ho Ho Holy hell is it hot in here!”


  1. I have seen the Fast Show one. I used to enjoy that at the time. Not sure if it still holds up though, as I haven’t watched it since. I imagine it does.
    Best wishes, Pete..

    1. I only saw it for the first time when I started dating Mr O almost 8 years ago and I thought it was hilarious. I still enjoy it now, so I am sure you would too 🙂

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