Universal Yums November box: Turkey

This month The O’s tasted snacks from Turkey!

Baharatli Ulker Krispi Kraker


These are crispy little biscuits, kind of like cross between a potato crisp and a cracker with a sort of herby flavour. They were really, really tasty and Little O in particular could not get enough of them! He also opened the bag before I could photograph it!

Today Croissant with Thyme, Basil and Olive Oil


A Turkish croissant may seem weird but according to legend they are actually originally from Turkey. The crescent shape is supposed to represent the star on the flag. The French just appropriated them… from the Austrians. Never mind the history lesson though. In terms of taste, it was alright. I mean it was an olive oil rather than a butter croissant, which was… different… and to me croissants need to be fresh so a packaged long life one is never going to compete. Let’s just say it was fine.

Clip Sesame Stick


Basically what they look like, breadsticks covered in sesame seeds. Little O and I thought they were very tasty. Mr O went absolutely mad for them. Definitely a hit.

Ibon and Mastic candy


First we tasted the mastik candy which is made from tree sap. It is very hard to explain the flavour. Sort of like pine cones and nightmares. It was vile. Mr O spat his out.

As for the Ibon, which is supposed to be yogurt flavoured,, Mr O had strawberry and I had banana. Neither of us were fans of what we had and mine legitmately had a sort of foot-like quality to it. It started off sort of alright but there was an aftertaste I was not down with.

Miniki Turtacik


This was a cookie with a chewy orange filling and sprinkles. I really liked it. It was sort of marmaladey. I got a couple of comments on the video in my Insta stories asking why I didn’t let Little O have any. I just want to say I did offer him a piece but he threw it on the floor without tasting it so I don’t think he was keen. He was also over clothes for the day and getting ready for his bath.

Torku Cocoa Helva


This is probably the nicest halva I have ever had. The texture was lovely and the chocolate flavour was delicious. I had to fight Little O for it because he was shoveling it in like it was his last meal.

Miniki Milk Cream Chocolate Bar


I really liked this nougat filled chocolate bar. It was almost like a giant Milky Way.

Torku Sade Mevlana Seker


Not sure what was worse with this one… the sort of perfumey taste or the chalk-like texture. It’s a no from me.

This is how the final scorecard read.


I guess you could say Turkey was a bit of a mixed bag. There were some really nice things and some really horrible ones. I think Turkish sweets are mostly not for me.

Next month we’ll be tasting Christmas treats from around the world, which is super exciting and festive. Yay!



  1. Shame about those Turkish snacks, as I love their pastries. Not much there I fancied, except perhaps the giant Milky Way.
    Your face with the perfumed sweets was great! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. When we visited Turkey I loved the food but we were having meals rather than snacking. I really did not like the perfumey sweets. They were horrible.

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