Christmasathon: Day 12 – 14

There is no day 11 because it was my work Christmas party and I was out drinking all the wine and behaving in a very silly manner. I stayed in London for the night (planned, don’t worry, I didn’t just end up sleeping in a bus shelter) and didn’t get to watch anything. Here are some more Christmas specials we checked out.

Day 12: Swashbuckle – Christmas Rules


This is a bit of a different one so I am not going to use the usual headings as it doesn’t really fit.

Basically this is one of Little O’s favourite CBeebies shows and we didn’t want to exclude him from the festivities so when we saw there was a Christmas special we decided to watch it together. In this episode pirates Cook and Line want to enjoy Christmas but Captain Captain has far too many rules. It was really cute and silly as always and Little O loved it.

Day 13: The Office – Secret Santa


Set at:  The office Christmas party
What happens?: Phyllis finally gets to live out her lifelong dream of being Santa but Michael is less than thrilled at the idea of “Trannyclaus” and decides to stage a coup. Meanwhile Andy tries to win Erin over by giving her the 12 Days of Christmas for Secret Santa.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: Actually for a change it kind of is.
What lessons are learned?: Santa really doesn’t have to be a man. The first four days of the 12 days of Christmas is really just 30 birds…

“Michael Scott: David guess who I’m sitting here dressed as.
David Wallace: I’m not going to guess. You can either tell me or I’m going to hang up.
Michael Scott: I’ll give you a hint. His last name is Christ. He has the power of flight. He can heal leopards.”

Day 14: Go Jetters – Christmas Island, Indian Ocean


Set at:  Crab mating season (don’t ask)
What happens?: Grandmaster Glitch wants to have a really Christmassy time so he heads to Christmas Island, not realising it doesn’t snow there. He creates his own snow but it gets in the way of crab mating season so the Go Jetters have to get involved.
Does it snow?: Yes
Is it heartwarming?: Yes
What lessons are learned?: Christmas Island is called Christmas Island because it was discovered on Christmas Day. Crabs do not like snow.


  1. Good to see Little O’s favourite getting a mention!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He’s managed a few picks now. It is fun watching with him.

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