Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Over the last couple of weeks Little O has discovered the concept of snow. Our first “snow” experience involved fake snow in our local shopping mall. The have built a little wooden playpen and filled it with a sort of styrofoamy substance that looks like snow and made it available for small humans to romp in. Little O was an immediate fan. 


He went mad for it, romping around, throwing it in the air (and at other children). It even went as far as going in his mouth. It’s possibly the happiest I have ever seen him. Of course when it came time to leave and I had to wrestle him into his shoes and coat and then put him in the push chair, he was furious. This has now become the downside of any fun activities with him (including his daily bath). He is very unhappy when the fun has to end and very vocal about his displeasure. Us leaving the park a couple of weeks ago resulted in something I can only refer to as The Exorcist on crack. Unfortunately for Little O, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go and he just has to deal with it.


Of course fake snow was quickly topped by real snow when we had a mini blizzard on Sunday. I know not everyone is a fan of snow but I still find it rather magical. This is probably because I don’t drive and the first time I saw snow was when I was 24 (and yes I did go and roll in it in my pants).

This is what our garden looked like on Sunday.


Little O was already excited to watch it falling even before I bundled him into some serious outdoor gear to venture into it. For once he did not try to remove his mittens. He did of course try to remove his shoes. Sigh. We didn’t stay outside for long because very cold weather is not great for small humans but he was fascinated. I rather enjoyed seeing him wobble about trying to figure out how to walk on this weird, white lumpy stuff.


When we came back inside, I accidentally snapped the key off in the lock of the back door and scuppered any chance of us going back into the garden that day. He was rather sad about this and regularly popped back to the door to look outside longingly and point.


The door has now been fixed but the snow has disappeared. Let’s hope we get some more soon so he can have another go.


  1. Great to see his childhood experience of real snow. I loved it as a kid myself. Then I had to get to school, or drive to work…
    On Sunday,we drove home from Kent to Norfolk in blinding snow. Fifty minutes to get through the Dartford Tunnel, then a one-hour tailback on the M25. I wasn’t feeling the snow then, I can tell you. But when we got home to Norfolk, there was no snow here. Hooray!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It’s definitely different when it starts to get in the way of you getting stuff done. I was a lot less enamoured with it when I had to drudge through it to get to the station for work on Monday morning.

  2. Awww, so cute man! It was super cool to see the snow falling, we were also out there and all over it. Awesome!

    1. I think it is hard for people who grow up with snow to get just how magical it is for those of us who don’t experience it until we are adults.

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