Chocolate from New Zealand

It was my birthday earlier this month and one of the best gifts I got was a care package from my friend, J, who lives in New Zealand. J and I have been friends for over 10 years and initially met when we both used to blog on Windows Live Spaces (yes, that was a thing). We hit it off so much that we took trips to visit each other (she was living in Australia at the time) and even ended up working together for a year.

J has gotten on board with my love of eating on camera so she sent me chocolate from New Zealand to try, along with a new pin, which is my latest obsession. You can check out J’s current blog here. And you can see what I thought of the Kiwi chocolate below.

Pineapple lumps


I love fruit and chocolate so this was always going to be a winner. The filling had a brilliant chewy texture, which was a winner. So good.

Cookie Time Original Chocolate Chip Cookie


I was really hungry on the day I ate this, which is a good thing because it was massive. As chocolate chip cookies go, it was nice. Not the best I have had but tasty.

Whittaker’s Peanut slab


You’re never going to find me saying no to the combination of peanuts and chocolate. Match made in heaven and this was no different. Plus it made me think of my Oupa, who always used to give us chocolate peanuts as a treat when we were little.

Whittaker’s Wellington Roasted Supreme Coffee


I decided to taste this when I had a bit of a hangover. I hardly ever go out or drink anymore but the director who hired me and who I have worked with for thirteen years was leaving so I went to his goodbye drinks… and drank all the wine. Oops! I needed a pick me up so chocolate and coffee together seemed perfect… and I was right… it was amazing.

Griffin’s Mallow Puff Bites


These reminded me of teacakes but smaller. They were also actually a lot tastier. There was almost like a slight gingery taste to the biscuit base. I had to restrain myself from eating 10 of these in one sitting. i definitely ate more than I should have!

Overall I am a big fan of chocolate from New Zealand. Everything was delicious!

If anyone wants to send me stuff to taste from around the world, I am ready and waiting and always hungry!




  1. That peanut slab looks huge! I like the sound of the Mallow Puffs. I always enjoy things with marshmallow in them, and the look on your face confirms my suspicions of deliciousness..
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am a big marshmallow fan too and these were especially delicious!

  2. What a cool friend! What a treat. Chocolate, coffee, and marshmallows. I’m in!

    1. She knows me so well. All the things I like!

  3. Ah, that’s so cool! Receiving care packages is always awesome! Looks like there were some tasty treats in this one 🙂

    1. It was a lovely surprise and everything inside it was so good!

  4. Jen

    Mallow Puffs are traditionally more a teacake size but I like the bites cause I feel like I can eat more of them 😂 Glad you enjoyed the treats!

    1. The chocolate to marshmallow ratio is perfect!

  5. New Zealand care packages are great. Love pineapple lumps but apparently production ceased 😦

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