17 month update

Age: 17 months
I like: Asking for kisses, Justin’s House, riding my bike, playing musical instruments, cuddles, peanut butter toast

Seventeen whole months! Let’s see what Little O has been up to.


Sleeping is consistently okay now. Little O goes to bed without drama and unless he’s unwell he wakes up briefly once or twice a night. I know the dream is him sleeping through the night but as someone who doesn’t sleep through the night and never really has, I think it’s overrated. For the most part everyone is sleeping well enough now to function as a normal human. We are starting to find naps a bit more challenging and we have had some napless days and some very late afternoon naps, which impact bedtime. I have a horrible feeling Little O is going to be one of those babies that drops his naps really early.



Little O mostly wants to feed himself now, which is messy as all hell. He still has days where he eats loads and other days where he’s not interested. He has started eating more at nursery, which is good and he has gotten to the point where he can sort of instruct you as to what he wants to eat. The other day he pointed out bread and then the toaster because he wanted a slice of toast. The winner is always peanut butter, which he will eat out of the jar. I have no idea where he learned that from (me). His current favourite food is blueberries.


Communication and socialisation

Little O is honestly one of the most affectionate little creatures I have ever encountered. He absolutely loves to cuddle and will come up to you and put his arm around you or ask for a kiss. Sometimes if you don’t respond fast enough to his request he will grab you by your ears and pull you in. He loves other children and is very affectionate to them as well. He is almost always happy and cheerful and just fun to be around.



Ah… the W word… walking. Is it happening? Yes, finally this weekend walking overtook crawling and someone is very proud of themselves.



Little O’s top canines have come through so we now have fourteen teeth in total. Just six more to go. I think the bottom ones are soon going to make their way out. Now if only he would let me brush them a little more thoroughly.




    1. Yup. He is getting so big now!

  1. I loved those first steps and then the constant go on two feet. Has to be the most adorable stage, to me. 🙂

    1. I love how they totter about like they’re just a little drunk. Lol!

  2. Great to see him walking- and laughing!
    Our grandson was also blueberry mad last year. Nowadays, it is crisps or yoghurt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It’s all good with the blueberries until he gets a sour one and then it’s game over!

  3. MIB

    My nephew was similar with the kissing deal, going round asking for kisses but he grew out of it by the next year.

  4. Too cute! And such a happy soul! I love that so much I could eat him!! xxx

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