Universal Yums October Box: Belgium

In October Mr O and I tasted snacks from… Belgium! Normally what makes the Universal Yums boxes really exciting is that we get to taste stuff that we have never tasted before or possible even heard of. Even with the South Korean box that we didn’t really like there was a weirdness factor that made it cool.

Unfortunately this is kind of where the Belgian box fell down. it wasn’t that the snacks weren’t nice. It was more that Belgium is maybe a little bit close to home. There was nothing in the box that I hadn’t tasted or seen before, especially since I have quite often traveled to Belgium for work. It just didn’t pack a flavour punch and most of what we tasted was very sweet. Anyway, this is what we had.

Picnic Suikerwafel


Maybe I should have warmed this up but it said it was a “picnic” snack. Who has a toaster at a picnic? Maybe Belgians. Anyway, it was extremely stodgy and just… sweet with no real flavour. Not for me.

The Belgian Seashells


These hazelnut pralines are a bit of a Belgian classic and they’re also very pretty to look at… although ours looked a bit like something from the bottom of the Mariana Trench because they’d gotten a bit melted in transit. I could not try them as hazelnuts are one of my worst allergies but Mr O loved them.

Trefin Vienna BonBons


These bon bons are hard on the outside and chewy in the middle. There’s nothing revolutionary about them but they are really nice. I ate the plum flavoured one. It was quite sour, which suited me with everything else in this box being so sweet.

Roger’s & Roger’s Black Pepper & Sea Salt


Apparently Belgium is the world’s fastest growing potato producer and they’re really into potato quality. Not too surprising since they’re mad for “frites”. Anyway, these black pepper and sea salt crisps were delicious. They were really crispy and the pepper flavour was strong enough to give you a little bite but not overwhelming. There’s nothing new about salt and pepper but if you do a classic well then you’re on to a winner.

Caramelized Biscuit Milk Chocolate Bar


This was a chocolate bar with bits of caramelised spekuloos biscuit in it. If you have ever tasted those Lotus biscoff biscuits, it’s that flavour. It was very nice but really rather sweet. I guess because the biscuits are sweet and the chocolate is sweet it was an overload. It started well but I can see why the bar is so small because you’d feel sick if you ate a bigger one. WordPress is refusing to load the video of me eating it.

Hamlet Buttercream Truffles


These cream-filled, dark chocolate, cocoa dusted truffles were really delicious… they were also very sweet. I enjoyed the first one but I had a second one and it was a bit much. So I reckon best in small doses.

Creme Brulee White Chocolate


This time white chocolate filled with creme brulee. I can’t say I disliked it but the flavour was just overwhelmingly sweet and I can’t say it actually taste of creme brulee.

Strawberry Nougat

Apparently strawberry flavoured nougat is unique to Belgium. I could not taste this because I am allergic to almonds but Mr O really liked it. There is no packaging photo because it was completely plain.

Next month we’ll be tasting snack from Turkey, which will hopefully be a little more exciting!


  1. I agree that Belgium is perhaps a bit too familiar for an international snack box. As always, the sight of you both trying them is what makes these posts so entertaining. I think I would enjoy that nougat though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Everything was just a bit underwhelming. I am glad we have kept you amused with our silly faces though!

  2. I watched every one of these. I should probably be doing some work… Lol. Like that Hole album behind your head! 😉

    1. I never thought the most interesting thing I would do on Instagram is eat… but it turns out it is…

      1. I’ll take any excuse to eat! 😉

  3. Ahhhh, pity it felt a bit generic and unexciting for you.

    HOLD UP – STRAWBERRY NOUGAT?? I must have this in my life.

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