Tricks and treats

Age: 16 1/3 months
I like: Saying no, chocolate digestives, indie rock of the angry feminist persuasion, sitting in boxes and drawers, riding my trike – sometimes sideways, boobs

In the last week the O family has experienced both tricks and treats, which of course ties in nicely with Halloween.

The first trick was Little O getting a horrible cold. He suddenly started coughing one night last week as I putting him to bed and by the morning he was as sick as a pig. This lead to three almost sleepless nights, with him waking himself up coughing and crying all night. Mr I and I banded together to try and make sure that I got at least a few hours in the morning but it was not easy and Mr O himself is recovering from a rather nasty kidney infection. Little O is quite a bit better now but he’s still a snot monster. Although getting very little sleep really sucks, the worst thing about your child being ill is seeing them suffer. Little O is normally a very happy little human so it’s totally out of character for him to cry or complain unless it’s for a specific reason. I have hated seeing him so out of sorts.


The second trick was the clocks changing. An hour probably doesn’t seem like very much time and back before I was a mum getting an extra hour to laze in bed seemed like a great treat. Small humans do not operate by wall clocks and watches though. They’ve got more of a body clock kind of vibe. We initially thought we might have escaped the clock change morning of doom after Little O slept until a decent hour on Sunday (6.30am). We were wrong. On Monday morning he woke up at 4.30. Not only did this impact the morning but it also threw out his nap time and meant he was completely over tired by bed time and this has continued into the week. This morning we broke the 5am barrier though so there is hope.


Woke up early… refused to share the sofa… also not afraid of any ghosts

It wasn’t all bad though. I had a bit of a revelation, while I was shopping in Tesco with Little O. Tesco is mostly a horrible corporate machine but it has this one really lovely initiative where it offers free fresh fruit for children to eat while their parents are shopping. I decided to give Little O an apple to enjoy while I tried to locate what I needed to buy with varying degrees of success. He finds it hard to break through the skin for the first bite. I am allergic to apples. Even biting into an apple and not swallowing what I have bitten instantly makes me itch and feel ill. Without thinking about it though, I took a bite and gave it to him to eat. I have always looked at motherhood and thought that being a good mum would be represented by grand gestures of love but in that moment I realised that maybe it’s just lots and lots of little things. Maybe taking a bite out of an apple is what it’s really about. He ate like a third and then threw it at a self checkout attendant.


The other treat was Halloween itself. I know it’s not for everyone but I really like Halloween and I have always hoped we’d get trick or treaters and we never have. In the neighbourhood where we live now there are lots of children and in the last week people started decorating their houses (well except our mad neighbours who started on 1 October). Mr O and I have always said we wanted to carve some pumpkins but not gotten around to it. This year we actually did and put them outside the front door. And lo and behold… we had loads of trick or treaters. It was such fun. Little O is obviously too small to go out himself but he spent the day dressed as a skeleton and was super excited every time someone knocked at the door. He was a bit confused as to why he couldn’t have any sweets and he really didn’t want me to wear my witches’ hat but I think he had a great time. I really can’t wait till he is old enough to go out in a couple of years time.



  1. Glad to hear he recovered in time to enjoy Halloween. He looks the business in his skeleton outfit.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Ah thank you! I would have been sad if we couldn’t join in because he was too poorly.

  2. Ah the being sick thing sucks, and while I am not a rugrat anymore, those clocks fucked me right up, let’s not play. I love that little suit man! Happy to hear you finally got some trick or treaters. It was quiet by us aside from a ton of fireworks going off all night.

    1. An hour doesn’t seem like much but it can really get under your skin if you are used to waking up and going to bed at the same time every day.I hate to tell you this but British people are mad for fireworks. They are going to keep going off until mid-January…

      1. And my body is like clockwork for wakeup and sleep during the week hahaha. Fridays and Saturdays are a free for all, Sunday we are back to a routine.

        I have noticed they are rather partial to them xD It boggles my mind that you can walk into Tesco and sommer just buy them right there o.O MADNESS.

        Mid-January? What the hell is left to celebrate then?!

  3. Oh, he’s so adorable! And he got so big in all this time I’ve fallen behind on the blogs. Wow! 😀 Glad you enjoyed the Trick or Treaters – it’s fun that that’s getting bigger & bigger here in the UK. It wasn’t really a thing when I moved here 15 years ago, which was odd for me as it’s so huge in America…

  4. MIB

    I hope the apple throwing incident hasn’t led to you being banned from the supermarket… 😮

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