HALLOWEEN MOVIE REVIEW: Final Destination (2000)

In honour of Halloween Mr O and I have been watching cheesy late 90s/early 00’s horror movies. I had a brief flirtation with enjoying horror around this era when I was in my late teens. Back then the films were silly and not actually particularly scary and my expectations were much lower so I didn’t realise how bad they all were. The The Ring came along and scared the crap out of me and I stopped watching horror pretty much altogether. I haven’t reviewed any of the films we’ve watched so far because I have reviewed them in the past as part of Film Friday but it turns out I have never reviewed Final Destination.

Moments before high school student, Alex’s (Devon Sawa) class’ flight to Paris is supposed to take off he has a terrible vision that the plane is going to go down in flames. An altercation results in him being ejected from the flight along with five other students and a teacher. Moments later the plane goes down in a fiery inferno. #awkward.

When one of the survivors dies in what looks like a suicide, both the FBI and Alex become suspicious. He and his classmate, Clear (Ali Larter) break into the funeral home and are caught by the mortician (Tony Todd). He tells them that they have disrupted death’s design and are now destined to die themselves. The FBI is more convinced that Alex is somehow to blame.

This kicks off a race to figure out death’s pattern before they get picked off one by one.


Stunned by Donald Trump’s comb over, the teenagers found it hard to get to their feet

The concept of Final Destination is kind of brilliant and the epic coincidences that unfold in order for death to hatch its plan are great fun to watch. It’s a pity the execution is generally pretty crap.

The characters are completely under developed, so there is no reason to care what happens to them. In fact Kerr Smith’s character is so inexplicably awful he is beyond a caricature. Alex is utterly unremarkable and the writers haven’t even bothered to come up with a reason why he is suddenly gifted with prophecy.

The dialogue is so basic it is laughable and the characters flip between being stone-faced and hysterical with no warning. If you just want to watch crazy, creative deaths though, who cares. You can just zone out during the rest.

Apparently there are five of these. Not sure I have another one in me.



  1. Oh man, if you disliked this one, skip the rest! This is certainly the best of the lot. SO BAD.

    1. According to my Film Friday log, I have seen the second one and I didn’t hate it. Although back then my reviews were like two lines long, so who knows.

      1. Indeed, indeed. I don’t know, one and two were okay-ish, and then it just… oh dear… no. Especially that last one!

  2. Although I can only agree 100% with what you say, I do actually LOVE this film! At the time, it was something different, and the intricate deaths were so well-conceived, I didn’t care about characters, dialogue, or those ‘coincidences’ either. I have seen two sequels, but they are not a patch on the original. I have actually seen this one a few times on repeat TV showings, and even though I know what happens, I still enjoy watching it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The deaths are so much fun. It’s just a pity you have to plow through the bits in between to see them. Ha ha!

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