16 month update

Age: 16 1/4 months
I like: Leaves, Topsy and Tim, Dancing, Boobs, waving

Little O is officially 16 months old. Let’s see how he is getting on.


Little O is yet to repeat a full sleep through. There is hope though. On the upside he is still going down with almost no effort by 7.30pm and waking up once or twice most nights. Although recently he’s had a couple of really restless nights. We won’t talk about the day where he ended up staying awake all day, then nodding off for an hour at 6pm because that night he didn’t go to bed until 10pm and I was losing the will to live.



We seem to go through phases of feast and famine. Little O either eats everything in his path or he refuses to eat anything at all. I am learned to let him be guided by his appetite and not to worry when he is not hungry. He generally prefers strongly flavoured foods but he’s also a mega bread fan. So much so that when Mr O takes him to feed the ducks he ends up eating more of the bread than the ducks do. He is a bit of a fiend for sweet things so we have to keep an eye to make sure he’s not being offered too many treats.


Communication and socialisation

Little O has become very clear in expressing likes and dislikes. You can now ask him a question and he will often shake or nod his head in response. He does a lot of pointing at things to express what he wants but becomes frustrated if you don’t immediately figure it out. He has also started throwing himself on the ground if he doesn’t get his way. Fortunately he is still easily distracted but I am not sure how long that will continue. On the more positive side he now loves to wave hello and goodbye and will kiss and cuddle you when he is feeling affectionate. His favourite word is, “Diddie”, which is what he calls Mr O. I do not have a name.



So far the closest we have gotten to walking is four unaided steps. While Little O is right on track for all his other milestones, walking just doesn’t seem to be high on his list of plans. He will now walk beside you for a time while you hold his hand, so we are making progress. Sometimes I worry a little but I know he will get there in his own time.



Since the last month we now have 4 molars through and I can see his top canines on the verge of breaking through the gum. I think we get by quite lightly with teeth compared to most people but I will be glad when they are done. In total Little O now has twelve teeth.



  1. He is starting to look taller now, and more ‘grown up’. Everything you say is familiar from our experiences with our grandson. He is three years old soon, and still a terribly fussy eater.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Eating is such an odd one. I think it’s one of the few things they can control even when they are very small so I think they use that. He has a fairly balanced diet but it’s very hard to predict what he is going to go for. I am quite glad I am still breastfeeding because I know he at least gets that nutrition.

  2. He looks lean and long and happy. It is tempting to worry about walking or not and all the aspects to his personality whether it’s on-time or behind or ahead. The bottom line is, as you said, Little O is himself and he will become who he is whenever he’s ready. My first son walked at 11 months. The second son walked at 18 months. The third at 13 months. My granddaughter who will be five in Februrary refuses to eat hardly anything but a few items. Sigh. They are all completely different. I would be curious to see how your second child would be like. I reckon the complete opposite of Little O!

    1. He is a bit like me… all legs. I know he’ll walk eventually and he doesn’t seem to have any physical issues preventing him from walking… he’s just focusing on other things. I think so many children are fussy eaters that it’s kind of just a phase most of them have to go for. I offer him food and he eats if he is hungry and if he doesn’t, well he’s not being starved and he is still breastfeeding so he at least has his milk. I really don’t think there is likely to be a second child. I don’t have it in me.

  3. MIB

    Nice to see Little O doing so well but you’re going to hate me as I’m very curious about that guitar in the third pic from the bottom. Is that yours/ Mr. O’s? 🙂

    1. That is one of Mr O’s several guitars. Why would I hate you for asking that??

      1. MIB

        Because we’re supposed to be focusing on Baby O and all I could see was that red Burns guitar. I’d not seen a red one before… 🙂

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