Universal Yums September Box: Pakistan

Mr O and I have just finished tasting our fourth box of International snacks from Universal Yums. This time we had food from Pakistan and had to share quite a lot of it with Little O, who is ever more fascinated by what we are eating. It was a very successful box. We liked almost everything in it. I had a nightmare uploading videos to WordPress and I really don’t know why. So unfortunately there aren’t videos for everything.

Kurleez Mirch Masala Chips


These were really good. They were spicy in exactly the right way where it creeps up on you and never overwhelms the actual flavour. After sharing this bag with me, Mr O exclaimed, “why are British crisps so boring?”. Why indeed?

Nimco Mix


This is a classic Bombay mix with peanuts, chickpeas, beans and little spicy crunchy things. It was really extra tasty and had a lovely kick without being too hot. Little O was very interested in what I was eating and helped himself.

Chili Mili Gummies


These are chili flavoured gummy sweets. The initial flavour is sort of sweet and tangy, which was really delicious but then suddenly you get a surprise whack of hotness. It could be a bit odd but it’s actually awesome. I somewhat resented the fact that I had to share the bag with Mr O.

Rite Lemon Cookies


These look like of like Oreos but with a lemon centre. The biscuit bit is supposed to be chocolate but they didn’t taste at all chocolatey to me. I wasn’t bothered though since they reminded me of a South African biscuit called a Lemon Cream, which is delicious so I was a fan.

Sonnet Chocolate Bar


I am not sure you can really go wrong with peanuts, caramel and chocolate. It was delicious. WordPress refuses to let me upload the video of me tasting it.

Novita Orange Wafers


I didn’t love these orange wafers. Too sweet and very artificial tasting. Unfortunately WordPress also refuses to let me upload the video of me tasting them.

Zeera Cookies


These cookies are cumin flavoured, which is a bit unusual as you wouldn’t immediately think of cumin when you think of cookies. They’re not terribly sweet, which works quite well in this case and you get the effect of sort of eating a cookie but also sort of eating a curry. As a special treat here is a video of Little O helping himself. He was a fan.

Juicers Lychee Candy


Lychee is not my favourite flavour. There is something kind of floral about it that doesn’t really appeal to me. These were okay and I liked the texture of the gooey centre. I couldn’t help being reminded of toilet spray though.

Charms Blackcurrant Candy


Apparently these are a big deal because in the States blackcurrants were banned for many years because of some kind of fungus and consequently most Americans have never tasted them. The flavour of these sweets was not bad but they were insanely chewy… not in a good way.

Milk Toffee Chews


I like toffees. These were pretty bog standard toffees. So I liked them. More on the soft squishy side than the chewy side.

Chillz Potato Sticks


These were much too spicy for me. I could only manage a couple of mouthfuls and then I had to stop. Mr O loved them though so if you like really hot food you might also enjoy these. The video of me eating them was quite amusing but WordPress does not want you to see it.

Unfortunately this month I don’t have the score card because someone accidentally threw it away. Oops!

Next box is from Belgium… I predict chocolate!


  1. I’m not a fan of over-hot chilli flavour, but I think I would like all of these save for the cumin biscuits. As usual, your reaction make the post so enjoyable. I may be one of the few people who actually prefers ‘boring’ crisps to exotic flavours. My favourires are Hand-Cooked Sea Salt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I do love a plain salted crisp… I won’t lie but some of the British flavours are just odd… prawn cocktail???

      1. I know. Prawn Cocktail crisps make me feel ill. Just the smell when the bag is opened is enough to put me off.

  2. Mr O is right – British chips are boring hahahaha. Super limited. Glad to hear the box was quite successful overall. Also totally with you on lichi – not a favourite flavour.

    1. I think litchi just tastes how toilet spray smells but some people go crazy for it!

  3. Argh feeling nostalgic after seeing this post! I absolutely miss Pakistan, it’s food and most importantly, it’s people!

    1. I have never visited Pakistan, but I would love to go on a culinary expedition.

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