Age: 15 1/2 months
I like: Biscuits, the neighbours’ cats, boobs, the toilet, combing mummy’s hair (aggressively), gumbo

A couple of weeks ago we received a text message from Little O’s nursery to say that there was a confirmed case of chicken pox in the  toddler room. My immediate response was denial. I decided that since Little O was in the baby room and probably not licking toddlers it would be fine and he would not get pox.


Helping install the new toilet seat

When Mr O dropped Little O off at nursery on Monday last week there were no other babies in the baby room. They all had pox. I decided that this must be a good thing because now there was no one to give him pox. Still in denial. An hour later Mr O was summoned to collect him as spots were appearing. Mr O then took Little O to the doctor to be inspected but there was just a lot of humming and muttering and a failure to give an official diagnosis. The ever increasing crop of spots was fairly telling though. Denial officially over.


Little O then went on to defy all my expectations of pox. Doctor Google told me to expect a loss of appetite, fever, itching and general misery. Mr O and I remember having chicken pox ourselves and we were both very ill so we were expecting the worst. We had two awful nights of very little sleep before the spots appeared but that may be coincidental. Apart from the spots, which were fairly sparse, Little O has displayed no symptoms. He’s continued to eat like a pig and crash around the house leaving a trail of destruction. If he has been itchy he’s not given any indication and there’s been no sign of fever. I think we have gotten off extremely lightly and hopefully this means he is now pox immune.


Today he is returning to nursery for the afternoon. I really hope his little classmates have had equally quick recoveries and that there’s going to be someone there for him to play with.


  1. Phew! That was a close shave. Glad to hear that he missed the worst of it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was as miserable as you and Mr O when I had it but my sister didn’t slow down a bit. Hope he’s all better now!

  3. diaryofninemonths

    My childminder’s daughter has just got the chicken pox and I’m praying my little man won’t get it now!

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