15 month update

Age: 15 months
I like: The Wiggles, dancing, demanding to go in the garden when it’s raining, being upside down, boobs

Little O is now one and a quarter years old. He has had a tough week or so with teething and a cold that Mr O has described as “like the plague” (he has it too). Fortunately he appears to be bouncing back despite still being a massive mucus factory so let’s see how he’s doing.


We are continuing to have much better sleep. We have mostly easy bedtimes and an average of two brief wake-ups each night. Of course, Little O being ill and teething really badly meant that sleep became a challenge again for a few nights. On the worst night he was awake and either coughing or crying from 11pm – 4am. That meant no sleep for me. I was not in a particularly good state the next day and it reminded me how important even a bit of broken sleep is. I am glad to say things are going back to our new normal now that Little O is feeling better.



Unfortunately Little O’s teething and cold have really impacted his appetite and he’s not been eating a huge amount. He is really enjoying fruit at the moment though and came back from nursery with tomato pasta in his eyebrows so some food is going in. He has become quite vocal when he doesn’t want his food though and will shake his head angrily as soon as you bring the spoon near him when he doesn’t fancy what is on offer.


I like the DVDs better when I arrange them

Communication and socialisation

Little O’s current favourite word is “go!”. He uses it whenever he has decided that he is ready for a change of scenery. He especially likes to shout, “go!” and point at the front door. It often leads to disappointment when he wants to go outside and it’s pouring with rain. He’s also becoming more expressive of not wanting to do things. If you pick him up to remove him from somewhere he shouldn’t be he will go stiff so he is almost impossible to hold and shout. I fear full blown tantrums are not far off. My favourite recent moment was when I took him to meet Mr O when he finished work. Little O wanted to get out of his pushchair so I said, “Just wait a second, daddy is coming.” He immediately stopped and said, “Deddeh?” and pointed at the door of the gym where Mr O works. I found it very sweet.



Still no proper walking although he has taken one or two almost unintentional steps. Little O seems much more focused on tasks that require finer motor coordination than walking. At the moment he is obsessed with his shape sorter and a singing monkey that you stack rings on. Oh… and opening our DVD boxers, removing the DVDs and putting them back in the wrong boxes. We have finally got stair gates though.



Three molars have made their way through. The top ones weren’t too much of a drama but the bottom one that has so far come through really threw him off course. There is still one more on its way out and I am hoping that it won’t be as bad and that it was more the combination of teething and cold together that caused the issues. I am taking comfort that 11 teeth in, we are now more than halfway through teething.


A preview into the teenage years


  1. Love that last shot on the sofa! 🙂
    From my limited experience, I find that Calpol is the ‘Parent’s Friend’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It was a very popular picture on my Instagram. He looked so relaxed. Ha ha!

      We do give him Calpol and baby Nurofen when he is suffering. Sometimes it helps but bless him with this horrible cold he was struggling to even breathe.

  2. I’m having a lot of fun watching Little O grow up!

    1. I am glad. He is such a sweet little chap and changing so much and so fast.

  3. Bless him! Teething is the absolute worst, isn’t it funny how we get used to a certain way of sleeping and when they go back to waking all night like the newborn days we literally can’t take it!
    Also so sweet that he said daddy and pointed to the door, that would literally break my heart. Has he said mum yet? Milo still refuses. I say “mum mum mum mum mum” and all i get back is a pause and then she shouts “DAAAAD”. Little bugger haha. x

    1. Yup… you get a new normal and then you can’t really cope with how it was before. Although in those early newborn days I was not also working full time!

      No sign of mum. Sometimes he says, “mumumum” but never really in reference to me. But “daddy” is definitely Paul. So unfair! X

  4. Cute post and pics.

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