Universal Yums August Box: Colombia

This month Mr O and I tasted snacks from Colombia in our Universal Yums box. Neither of us were particularly keen on the South Korea box so the Colombia box was a really welcome surprise. There wasn’t a single thing in it that we didn’t like, in fact there were several things we absolutely loved. I think we need to go on a food tour of Colombia! As always, pictures and videos are from my Instagram stories, so the quality might not be perfect. Also unfortunately no videos for two of the crisp flavours because WordPress refuses to upload them.

Supercoco Candy


These are described as being a bit like turron, which is a Spanish kind of nougat but with coconut instead of nuts. All I can say is that they were bloody delicious. I could not be trusted with a bag of these.

Yupi Rizadas Picanticas


These crisps were the perfect kind of spicy for me. Rather than being blow your face off, they weren’t really spicy at all until you’d had a handful and then it crept up on you and gave you a cheeky poke. I loved them.

Yupi Rizadas Mayonesa


When you think about it mayonnaise seems like a perfectly logical flavour for crisps so I am surprised they haven’t been a thing in the UK before. I thought these were pretty decent. They weren’t immediately “mayonnaisey” but it definitely came through on the after taste. I don’t think I’d go mad for them but I’d eat a bag if they were lying about the house.

Bianchi White Chocolate Bar


White chocolate, peanuts and caramel are all my friends so this was kind of my perfect chocolate bar. I loved it. Delcious! Could have been bigger.

Bon Bon Bum Lollipops


What a name… fortunately these were passion fruit flavoured rather than bum flavoured. I had mixed feelings about this lolly. The lolly flavour was really delicious but it had gum on the inside. The gum was pretty good for about 4 seconds and then it lost its flavour and became pretty grim. Would have been better if it was just lolly all the way through.

Coffee Delight


These little coffee sweets are apparently 100% Colombian coffee. They definitely had a very powerful coffee flavour. Kind of like if you buy those chocolate covered coffee beans. I thought they were pretty good but then I really like coffee.

Castipan Veleno


I misunderstood this one a bit and thought it was guava and cheese flavour. It turns out you are supposed to serve it with cheese. So my video probably doesn’t completely represent it since I was expecting it to taste of guava and cheese… which is a weird combo. Anyway… it was kind of like a chewy guava jelly sweet and I really liked it.

Tocineta Lime & Bacon Chip


So these bacon and lime crisps reminded me in look and texture of the British bacon crisps you get (Frazzles?). Although they were not as hideously salty and the addition of lime was outstanding. They were so good Mr O and I were fighting over the bag. He declared them the “best crisps he’s ever eaten”. Bold words.

Piazza Chocolate Barquillos


You might remember that our experience with wafers from the South Korean box was less than stellar and Mr O threw them in the bin. These crispy, chocolate wafer rolls were the exact opposite. I think the best way to describe these is moreish. I don’t think leaving me alone with a whole box of them would end well.

Our final scorecard looked like this:


Next month we will be tasting snacks from… Pakistan!


  1. I think I would like all of those too, especially the Frazzles. Your expressions make these posts though, with everything in ‘the eyes’! 🙂
    Good luck with Pakistan!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The Frazzle-like ones were soooo much better than Frazzles. I think we’d be buying them by the crate if they were sold here. I can’t wait for Pakistan to arrive!

  2. Fascinating! I have always wanted to try particularly Colombian sweets and snacks. The Bianchi White Chocolate Bar and Supercoco Candy sound particularly good to me.

    1. They were super tasty! I think if I lived in Colombia I would be the size of a house!

  3. Looks like you guys got a pretty damn good box this time around!

    1. It was great! I can’t wait to see what is in the Pakistan one!

  4. A very good flavour of the month by the looks of things.

    1. It really was. My favourite so far!

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