Universal Yums July box: South Korea

I received our latest Universal Yums box before we went on holiday but with all the moving we didn’t have a chance to taste anything in it. This time we were treated to snacks from South Korea and the flavours were quite strange. While the Mexican box was bursting with really powerful flavours everything in this box seemed muted and a bit synthetic, which was kind of disappointing.

This is what we tasted. Once again all pictures and videos are from my Instagram stories so they’re a bit rough and ready.

Tteok-bokki snack


Based on the appearance of these I was really expecting them to be like crisps… but they were sweet… and spicy… and meaty, which was really odd. According to the description they are based on a street food made with noodles and beef. Not sure sweet beef is my thing. They’re the kind of thing that you’d eat the bag of because they were there but then not buy again.


Anytime milk candy, Scorched rice candy and Malang strawberry candy


The milk candy was extremely weird. It was kind of like a minty cough sweet and then it was sort of cold in the middle with a sweet milky centre. The centre wasn’t bad but I’m not sure it was worth going through the cough sweet bit to get there.


The burnt rice one really did taste like burnt rice, which was a bit of a shock to the system but it did grow on me and it wasn’t totally disgusting.


The Malang Strawberry candy was pretty much a bog standard chewy strawberry sweet and it was nice.


Kook Hee Biscuit


The name of this one cracked me up. It was a sandwich biscuit filled with “peanut sand”, which I guess is the South Korean take on peanut butter. It was absolutely delicious. I could eat a whole bag.


Lotte Chocolate Rice Cake


I was initially not so keen to try this since it looked weirdly gelatinous and I mean chocolate rice cake just sounds weird. In the end it was actually quite nice, despite the jelly-like texture and it sort of reminded me of the marshmallow chocolate Easter eggs we get in South Africa.

Bulgogi Ppushu Ppushu Snack

When I was a kid we sometimes used to eat raw ramen noodles because my mum refused to buy crisps unless it was a special occasion. It seems in South Korea this is common practice. You’re supposed to smash up the noodles (we let Little O do this and took it very seriously), sprinkle on the flavouring (once again sweet beef) and then eat them. I am not sure what to say about these. I mean it’s a raw pot noodle and my tastes have become more refined since I was seven. Little O did quite like them though.

Choco Heim

I couldn’t taste these chocolate hazelnut wafers because I am allergic to hazelnuts so Mr O tasted them. He was not a fan and they went in the bin. I was surprised because he normally likes hazelnut things.


Lotte Moncher Creme Pie


I am not sure how to describe the flavour of this as it was kind of tasteless apart from a sort of boozy after taste. It also had a weird powdery texture and as you can see from the video it fell apart in my hand and went down my top.

Our final scorecard looked like this.


We already have next month’s box, which comes from Colombia! Tasting will start when we get back from our week in Menorca.


  1. I love these posts! Your expressions are priceless.
    I will be giving South Korean snacks a miss, I think.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I have been told I have a very expressive face. Ha ha! I don’t think I will be revisiting any South Korean snacks but I have high hopes for Colombia.

      1. You never know what the Colombians have stashed in the snack bags!

  2. This just looks like it would not be my thing xD Love the post though! A solid 3/3/3 scoring for good, meh, and ick. Balanced xD

    1. It wasn’t really mine. There was stuff in the Mexican box that was really delicious but apart from the peanut sand biscuits nothing was amazing in this one. Dying to see what Colombia is going to be like.

      1. Looking forward to seeing your reactions to that 🙂

  3. […] tasted snacks from Colombia in our Universal Yums box. Neither of us were particularly keen on the South Korea box so the Colombia box was a really welcome surprise. There wasn’t a single thing in it that we […]

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