The littlest (and loudest) groomsman

Age: 14 months
I like: Curry, sticking my tongue out, clapping, dogs, stealing biscuits, boobs

The O family has officially returned home after our epic trip to South Africa, the highlight of which was my brother’s wedding. 


Little O and I were fortunate enough to be included in the wedding party, which was a privilege and an honour. I was the sole bridesmaid along with four bridesmen and Little O was the littlest groomsman. He was supposed to be the ring bearer but his failure to learn to walk in time meant that wasn’t really an option. In hindsight, I think that was probably a good thing.


For the last year we’ve been teaching Little O that 6.30 is bath time, followed immediately by bed time. The wedding started at 6.30 so when neither bath nor bed materialised he went what can only be described as “ape shit”. The fit he threw lasted until the ceremony was over and I could calm him with a boob. Mr O had to walk him all the way to the other side of the parking lot so no one could hear him wailing. It was a beautiful ceremony, but I have to admit that I was completely stressed out about him disturbing it and about how miserable he was.


Could he be any cuter?

He fell asleep during the reception but there was nowhere to put him down and eventually the hubbub woke him up. The food, speeches and atmosphere were amazing and I desperately wanted to stay and enjoy the party and catch up with old friends. There was only so long we could keep Little O entertained and happy through his exhaustion though and at 10pm we had to call it a day. I think we were forgiven and from what I can tell the bride and groom had a wonderful time.

NP wedding 1

I know the quality isn’t great but it certainly captures the moment

The rest of our visit was taken up with hanging out with family and eating a lot of delicious food, especially brunch. While Little O wasn’t the best wedding guest, he got on famously with all his relatives, despite not having seen them for a year and it was very enjoyable for Mr O and I to see him playing with his grandparents, aunt and uncle.


Our flight home was a bit tough for me. We were delayed by 90 minutes, which meant we didn’t take off until after midnight. Little O was tired and confused and screamed for about a hour and a half before passing out on me and trapping me in my seat at a weird angle for four hours of the eleven hour flight. He would not have any of Mr O so I ended up with him on me for about 16 hours. By the time we eventually got home I was absolutely exhausted. Once again we were missing a piece of luggage but fortunately this time only the buggy and we have two spares. I do think KLM/Air France need to pull their shit together though. (Buggy has been safely returned already for anyone wondering).


Brunching with toddlers is all glamour


  1. Babies and weddings. Not a good fit.
    Looks like you managed to have a great trip anyway, Abbi.
    You are so unlucky with luggage though…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yes, not ideal but I am so glad that we were there and even though he won’t remember it I think he will enjoy seeing himself in the pictures when he is older. We are truly cursed when it comes to luggage.

  2. You made it through–your red dress was beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I am so lucky the bride has such impeccable taste… and also that she knows the best markets to go to. We found the dress at a stall where the lady sells last season’s designer seconds. It only cost about $10!

  3. Must say, you and Mr O looked pretty stylish.

      1. You’re a very dapper couple.

        1. We have our moments. You should have seen me at 5 this morning.

          1. I’m sure you looked fabulous!

  4. Flight back sounds tough – and gosh, that luggage thing is utter lunacy!

    You guys all looked lovely!

    1. It was hard work but we all survived in the end. I am so over luggage. We are going to Spain tomorrow and if it doesn’t all arrive I am officially giving up on holidays.

      1. xD Oh man, that luggage better arrive! I am crossing everything for you!

  5. Aww they are such beautiful pictures, what a stunning family you are x

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