Universal Yums June box: Mexico

These days it seems there is a subscription box for almost everything. It all started with beauty samples (and I will admit I briefly got in on that) and then expanded out further and further to products for pets, fitness, children and everything in between. Mr O even gets vinyl from unsigned bands and razor blades. He actually contemplated getting a sock one but seriously, who needs that many socks.

I didn’t last too long with the beauty one I subscribed to because most of the products weren’t really relevant to me and I didn’t end up using most of it. My make-up bag constitutes approximately 5 items.

However, recently I saw an ad for a box that sends you a selection of snacks from a specific country every month. I was unable to resist. It’s the perfect box. Mr O and I are both foodies. We’re also both really into trying new flavours. It took me about five minutes to decide to subscribe to Universal Yums. I went for the Yum Box, where you get at least 6 snacks. It costs $14 per month (about £11) plus $2.50 (£2) shipping.

This month we got snacks from Mexico. I have been reviewing the snacks we received on my Insta Stories (follow me on Instagram @abbiosbiston) but I thought sharing the reviews would make for a fun blog series too. The photos and videos are from my stories so they might be a bit blurry on really big screens.

Barcel Habanero Potato chips


What is it?: Habanero chili flavoured crisps
Verdict: One of those spices that creeps up on you rather than a full frontal attack. I liked them but I definitely couldn’t cope with a whole bag. Even Mr O, who is a spice fiend had to go slowly.

Bubu Lubu


What is it?: A marshmallow and strawberry chocolate bar that apparently you’re supposed to freeze before you eat it.
Verdict: It was okay. The texture out of the freezer was pleasingly chewy but it had a weird after taste.

Lucus Muecas Cucumber Lollipop


What is it?: Um… so it’s like a sucker which is cucumber and chili flavoured and then you lick it and dip it into even spicier chili powder.
Verdict: It was a really unusual flavour. I could see the cucumber lolly being tasty on it’s own with less chili but the chili was too hot even Mr O couldn’t handle it.

Sabritas Salt & Lime Peanuts


What is it?: Peanuts with a salt and lime flavouring
Verdict: We followed the serving suggestion and had these with beer… not Mexican unfortunately. They were delicious and soooo moreish! Perfect bar snack!

Rollo de Coco


What is it?: Shredded coconut mixed with sugar, milk and a little cinnamon
Verdict: It was soft and sticky and kind of reminded me of coconut ice. I liked it.


Pica Fresa


What is it?: Little gummy strawberry and chili flavoured sweets
Verdict: Mr O loved them. I was less sure. The flavour combination was just a little odd.

De La Rosa Mazapan


What is it?: Peanut candy
Verdict: It’s like peanut powder mixed with all the sugar in the world. It was hard to eat because it was so powdery and it was so sweet it made me feel a bit sick.


Las Sevillanas Obleas


What is it?: Little wafers with caramel made from goats milk in the middle
Verdict: I thought these were delicious. I mean there is a slightly goaty flavour but I am down with goat so it was all good.

Lucas Skwinkles Rellenos with Pineapple and Tamarind


What is it? Chewy pineapple sweet with tamarind filling and chili on the outside
Verdict: This was seriously delicious. The chili and pineapple goes very well together with the tamarind and it was very tangy and refreshing. I loved it.

The final overall scorecard looks like this:

Next month… South Korea!


  1. That’s awesome! I’ve always wanted to try out Universal Yums. I just hold off now because everything is in USD and the exchange rate is like getting heavily taxed. Haha! The reality of life and being cost-effective. Thanks for sharing! Loved this so much!

    Can’t wait to see the next box! I wonder what you’ll get for South Korea, maybe something Kimchi flavored?

    1. We had so much fun with our first box. The South Korea one has arrived but we have been busy moving this week so we haven’t had a chance to tuck in. There are all kinds of interesting things in there. I can’t wait!

  2. Looks like a really fun idea, though there might be too much chilli in the Mexican selection for me. I like some of the names though, like Bubu Lubu, and as I love anything with coconut, I would like that Rollo De Coco.
    The best thing was your video ‘shudder’ though. Priceless!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The Mexican one was particularly spicy. I am interested to see what other flavours we are going to get from around the world. I am massive coconut fan so I think I was always guaranteed to like that one.

  3. Now that is a post. Love the expressions too.

  4. Jen

    Snack box sounds great! We used to get a sock box and it was legit amazing. I hate buying socks and seem to burn through them, so getting a fun new pair every month was good insentive to get rid of the crappy ones.

    1. I think because it’s summer and I am not really wearing socks at the moment I’ve potentially been too dismissive. They were crazy expensive though and I know Mr O would have rejected at least 50% of them on the basis of colour/pattern.

  5. Now this looks fun. I need to sign up for one of these.

    1. I’d love to see your reactions!

      1. I am certain they would be eventful.

  6. Looks like fun!

  7. […] This time we were treated to snacks from South Korea and the flavours were quite strange. While the Mexican box was bursting with really powerful flavours everything in this box seemed muted and a bit synthetic, […]

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