13 month update

Age: 13 months
I like: Dancing, wiping things like the sofa and mummy’s face, boobs, shrieking

Another month has flown by and Little O is officially 13 months old. Let’s see what the little monkey has been up to.


Sleep continues to be an interesting experience in our house. We have had some bad nights that involved unexplained projectile vomiting followed by bouts of wakefulness. We have also had some good nights with only a couple of very brief wake ups. Getting Little O to go down in his cot can be really hard. He seems much happier to sleep in our bed even when we’re not in it. We can’t really leave him in our bed though because if he wakes up he can fall out. Once we are all in bed though he sleeps pretty well and he no longer wants to lie on top of me so I feel like I am sleeping better than I did at any point since he was born.


Kale… he didn’t eat it


Little O’s appetite is a bit of a case of boom and bust. Some days he is ravenous and eats anything he can get his hands on. Other days he just pushes away the spoon no matter what you offer. I am trying to follow his lead and not pressurise him to eat if he doesn’t want to. Sometimes he is more interested in your food than his and there’s a lot of pointing or just helping himself. He stole a whole slice of toast from me the other night. More than anything in the world he wants me to share my coffee with him… but I do not have a death wish.


Communication and socialisation

Little O still doesn’t say any actual words yet but he has started clapping when he is happy. This has included after he threw up on me and when the train we were on pulled into Shenfield station (not where we live). He also points to things he wants and places he wants to go be taken. He loves people and happily waves at strangers. We went out for coffee a couple of weekends ago and he climbed into the lap of the lady sitting opposite us and had a cuddle. Sometimes I have to watch him a little other children as he tends to be a bit bigger than ones his age and a bit face grabby.



Still no sign of walking. He is a little bit less anxious about walking along with you holding his hands though. He crawls extremely fast and is very agile when it comes to things like climbing on the and off the sofa so he’s just clearly saving walking for when he’s good and ready.



We have stopped taking Little O for regular weigh-ins but I did go and have his feet measured for some shoes. Apparently his feet are a 5G, which is rather large for his age. I have my suspicions that he is going to be tall.


Not in the mood for a selfie


There appear to be a couple of molars making their way to the surface… we are all very afraid…




  1. molars and breastfeeding. OUCH!

  2. He does appear to have pretty big feet already. Looks like he could be at least a six-footer!
    Good luck with the teething…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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