Bedtime… now by daddy

Age: 1 year 3 weeks
I like: banging on things, cake, touching faces, boobs

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was the only person who had ever put Little O to bed at night. This is because his preferred way of going to sleep is to be breastfed until he dozes off, eventually lets go of my nipple and lets me put him down in his cot. Well in theory anyway.


Sometimes he’ll have his bath and decide that he’s not one bit tired and demand some vigorous play before eventually realising that he is tired and does want to go to sleep. Other times he is happy to have his bedtime feed and drifts off quickly but then wakes up every time I put him down. On average the whole performance takes about an hour. Sometimes it takes two hours.


The big downside to this for me is that I have not been able to go out in the evening until Little O is already asleep, which isn’t always convenient. I haven’t wanted to go out loads and I am usually quite content to spend the evening at home but occasionally I’d enjoy being able to socialise after work or see my friends in London.

All hail the newly introduced, daddy bedtime.

A couple of weekends ago I went to Hyde Park with my friend, K, to see GREEN DAY! She bought the tickets a year ago and told me I wasn’t allowed to bail on her. It was just the push I needed to give Mr O a go at putting Little O to bed. He eats plenty of food now and is used to Mr O putting him down for a nap during the day so in theory he shouldn’t need a bed time boob (although it’s obviously a great comfort).


Green Day!

Although I left rather reluctantly, K and I had a great time and I didn’t get home until after midnight… mostly because of my arduous journey back to London. The trains are a lot less fast and frequent late on a Saturday night.


K and I – ready to rock!

So how did Little O and Mr O, do? Well Little O went to bed without too much fuss but woke up at 9pm and was not best pleased that there was no boob on offer. It took Mr O two hours to convince him to go back to bed. It wasn’t ideal but no one died.


Just over a week ago I went out for a drink after work as my friend was leaving. This time I was home by 8.30 so when Little O did his similar 9pm wake up, I was there to administer a boob and he went straight back to bed.

Buoyed up by our relative success Mr O decided to try doing bedtime while I was home. Little O was obviously aware that I was lurking about downstairs and refused to go to sleep. After 45 minutes we decided to call it a day and that it was time for me to take over. He went straight to sleep. Little monkey.

It does feel like a step forward though. I will be going to another colleague’s leaving drinks on Wednesday and we’ll keep trying daddy bedtime while I am home to see if we can get that working. Maybe by January when my company conference happens in Berlin, I’ll even manage a couple of nights away.



  1. Maybe a bottle of your milk will work? How do you feel about pacifiers? I remember rocking my little ones with a pacifier and they would fall asleep quickly. The rocking was the key for me. Just thoughts. I’m sure you will figure it out! 🙂

    1. He takes a bottle of expressed milk in the day time and on the night I was out late he did eventually after 2 hours take the bottle I had left. I think it’s as much the comfort of suckling as the actual milk as he eats loads of solid food now and also drinks quite a lot of water. We did try a pacifier when he was smaller but he never got his head around it. He’s always liked the “real deal”. Funnily enough if I am not home or even if I am home but it is day time he will let Mr O or Mrs O Senior rock him to sleep but if I try it he just aggressively pushes himself down my chest.

  2. It seems like progress to me, from a distance. Slow but sure, and you will get there.
    It was only a short time ago that you couldn’t imagine going out in the evening, and look at you now!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We are getting there one day at a time. I think for me the most important thing is that everyone feels secure and comfortable. I think the milestones come at different times for every family.

  3. Sounds like progress. I think you and Mr O are doing a fantastic job.

    1. Bless you. He is still alive so I guess that’s what counts.

      1. I think you’re doing fine. Don’t doubt yourself.

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