12 month update

Age: 12 1/3 months
I like: Climbing the stairs, boobs, anything spicy, ryvitas, stickle brick wheels

I have decided to stop calling my Little O updates “The baby chronicles”. As he has now survived the first year of his life, I don’t think he officially qualifies as a baby anymore. I am glad I manage to update once a week for the first year of his life because the early weeks and months are already fading somewhat. My phone keeps showing me pictures from a year ago “today” and half of them are completely unfamiliar to me. I hope those posts and future ones will help me keep my memories of his early life fresh. So let’s see how he’s doing at one year old.


We’ve had a really up and down time with sleep. Some nights have been very good with only one or two wake-ups and times where he went to sleep without being fed. We have also had some less than great nights with waking up for extended periods of time or insisting on sleeping on me or while latched on. Most of this seems to be related to him having a recurring cold though so I live in hope (and drink a lot of coffee).


It turns out Little O mostly likes strongly flavoured food. He continues to amaze me by wolfing down anything spicy. He’s also a very big fan of sausages, olives and yogurt. He does not like tomatoes or eggs or savoury foods that are specifically supposed to be for babies. Sometimes meal times are a bit of a wrestle because he kind of wants to feed himself but also isn’t very good at it so we have to try and find a balance between the two that doesn’t lead to one or both of us becoming frustrated. I also keep catching him eating things the has dropped earlier that I didn’t spot to clean up. Mostly bits of bread stick and dry Shreddies, which he loves. He is still breastfeeding and having expressed milk but I feel like it’s slowing down slightly.

Communication and socialisation

We still have loads of excited babbling and shouting of dada and mumum. Yesterday Little O climbed all the way up the stairs to get to me shouting “mumumumum” so I am starting to believe he is referring to me. I could be kidding myself. I also think he said “bye-bye” to Mrs O Senior the other day. He has started attending nursery for two half days a week to spend time with other children, which is going well. He has a little friend from his playgroup who goes to the same nursery and they actually recognised each other and chose to play in the sandpit together, which kind of amazed me.

Little  O is not really showing any signs of being ready to walk yet.  There have been more and more instances of him standing unaided without realising it is happening and then getting a fright but I think he just can’t be bothered because he can crawl so fast. His newest trick is shooting up the stairs about twenty times a day with one of us coming up behind him. Up until recently he could get up the stairs to a point but not past the bit where our stairs turn the corner but he’s learned to negotiate that and is very excited about it. Amusingly he sometimes uses his mouth to get extra purchase.


Little O now weighs 10.6kg, so he has lost a little weight since his 11 month weigh in and dropped down to the 75th centile. The health visitor who weighed him is not concerned because it seems to be down to how physically active he is. He is on the 91st centile for height though and fitting comfortably into 12 – 18 months size clothes.


There have been no new teeth in the last month. I am absolutely dreading the next round because I have heard horror stories about molars…




  1. Little O is such a little charmer! He has great taste, everyone knows that only cool people like spicy food and olives.

    1. He is such a little flirt. We went out for coffee on Sunday… well he had water and a bit of my muffin but I was having a very large coffee and he clambered into the lap of a total stranger who he liked the look of and gave her a cuddle. Fortunately she was touched rather than horrified! Lol!

  2. You now have a toddler! The next year will be a lot of fun. His mobility and personality will come forth and you’ll no doubt prize your little man. Looking forward to more updates. It’s been fun on this end to see him grow up.

    1. He is now starting to point at things he wants and push away things he doesn’t, which is helpful. He also cracked me up the other day because I was making bubbles in the bath for him with a little cup that has a hole in the bottom and it was making farty noises. He could not stop laughing. He was practically in hysterics. SO much personality for such a small body.

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