The baby chronicles #47: Friends!

Age: 11 months
I like: Lentils, boobs, my ride-on motorbike, pepperoni

Over the weekend, Little O and I had a play date with M and Little M. M is one of those friends I met in a very random, modern way. We both joined the June 2016 BabyCentre forum and then followed each other on Instagram. Through that we realised that we live quite close to each other and that M works in the town I live in. We also realised that Little O and Little M were born on the same day. I invited M and Little M to the protest I helped organise earlier this year, they came along, we finally met in person and we’ve been messaging and occasionally meeting up since.


As Little O and Little M are both lively characters we decided that getting them together to play was a great idea but releasing them somewhere like a restaurant was not. Neither of them is a big fan of sitting still or being quiet. Instead I invited them round to my house, which is about 99% wipe clean and mostly “unpack everything” friendly.


It was a rather haphazard affair but I’d like to think a good time was had by all. Almost all the food I put out for little humans to pick at ended up on the floor. Little O touched everything… and ate one tomato. Little M refused to actually touch any food but ate loads… of her mum’s food. In days gone by I would have cooked something elaborate and presented it nicely but these days lunch at my house constitutes warmed up pre-made falafels, very quickly shoved into pita breads with some humous and salad. I suppose at least it was warm?


Action shot!

The two Littles had a great time chasing each other around, playing peekaboo behind our futon and “sharing” toys. Although I think Little O was kind of jealous that Little M can already walk! M and I got to have a good catch up between baby wrangling and it was really nice just to hang out. I think we both hope at some point we’ll be able to leave the Littles with their dads and have a mums night out, but in the meantime we’ll definitely be doing more play dates!


On Sunday my beloved friend, D, came to visit. D and I moved to the UK together and were flat mates for years. She was even there when Little O was born… and when I say there, I mean she saw him come out of me, which is now her favourite anecdote.


D and I used to spend loads of time together but since Little O was born and we moved, it’s been much more challenging meeting up. We both live outside London in opposite directions. She drives, but I don’t and Little O is progressively less public transport friendly… plus we’ve had endless weekends of rail replacement bus service here. Even meeting in London is challenging because Little O is a nightmare in a restaurant now that he can climb out of his high chair and we can barely stay longer than what we traveled. We both have busy jobs and I am uncomfortable with going out at night more than a few minutes from home. I don’t think I really anticipated how hard maintaining friendships would be once I had a baby.


We had a lovely time on Sunday though and D and Little O bonded. He was especially keen on trying to steal her sunglasses. We even managed to go out for a coffee and a catch up alone, while he had a nap with Mr O. As per usual we mostly talked about politics… and boys. We’ve been friends for about twenty years and the conversation topics stay the same… with a little bit of baby and home improvement thrown in.

It’s very true that everything changes when you have a baby… but what doesn’t change is how important good friends are, whether you’re over thirty-five or under one.


  1. Nice to see you meeting up with friends, and little O making new ones too. Looks like the proverbial great time was had by all!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We did have loads of fun. He really loves being around other children so we are trying to find as many opportunities for him to play with others as possible.

      1. Our grandson ( 2 1/2) has come on leaps and bounds since going to nursery. Interacting with other kids has been the key to his development.

        1. We are looking at sending Little O to nursery two afternoons a week. He was supposed to have a trial session today but he’s not feeling very well so we’ve postponed it.

          1. Our grandson does three mornings at nursery, so his mum can go to college. The difference was actually incredible, after just the first week. I am sure you will be pleased with Little O’s progress once he manages to feel well enough to go. One good thing is that they have ‘rules’ there, so he cannot get away with everything, as he used to at home. It has made him much nicer to be around. 🙂

  2. Little O looks like he’s having a great time. I’m glad you have friends to share. How toddlers interact is always a hoot.

    1. They are so funny together. There are flurries of interaction and lots of toy theft and then suddenly they completely ignore each other. Very cute to watch!

  3. MIB

    Nothing like a bit of political activism to bring two babies together… 😛

    1. I believe that is how most traditional under one friendships start…

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