The baby chronicles #44: 10 month update

Age: 10 1/4 months
I like: Clambering, shouting, boobs (especially nipples… joy), taking apart my food for inspection, my nubbly balls (pictured below)

Little O is now a whole 10 months old and very much on the downhill run to being a year old… eep! So here’s how things are going.



I wish I could tell you that Little O has had some kind of miraculous turn around with his sleeping and is now sleeping long stretches… but that would be a lie. Things are much as they have ever been, frequent wake ups, lots of boob needed to settle him and mostly wanting to sleep on me. The difference is that it’s harder now because I have to get through work on often very, very little sleep. I am consoling myself with the fact that the more I speak to mums, the more it seems that for some babies this is very normal. Also it seems that eventually they all sleep. Leaving my baby to cry isn’t for me so as tired as I am, I am also happy to persevere, especially as he’s starting to settle better for Mr O in the night.


Little O’s interest in food has definitely improved. He does have more of an interest in sweet things and is very happy eating fruity yoghurts and purees. He’s a bit less interested in savoury stuff, especially purees so we are working on that. He loves anything bread related and likes to steal food out of other people’s mouths… especially cheese and salami! He still breastfeeds during the day and night when he is with me and has expressed milk when I am at work.



There is so much talking going on. We’re not sure what Little O is telling us, but it’s a lot. He chatters away constantly with new little sounds and inflections everyday and lots of arm waving. It’s adorable and hilarious and proof that the chatterbox gene that runs through my dad to me is strong with this little chap. I can’t wait for some actual words. He also has a very expressive little face and I love seeing it light up when I get home from work.


Crawling is now happening at high speed and Little O can stand up smoothly and confidently holding on with just one hand… or busy doing something like unpacking all the DVDs off the shelves. He is lightning fast, doesn’t want to be still ever and is very keen to climb stairs. He got all the way up the stairs to the point where they turn (with me behind him making sure he didn’t fall) on his own on Sunday. His other trick is trying to stand on the tray of his high chair. Dressing him is a bit of a challenge because he really doesn’t want to hang around and wait for you to put a nappy or clothes on him. We’ve switched nappies to pull-ups, which makes things marginally easier.



We’re starting to get to the edge of the 9 – 12 months clothes now and he’s wearing more 12 – 18 and weighing a hearty 23lbs 2oz/10.5kg.


Little O’s four middle top teeth are all through evenly now and he’s popped out one more bottom one, which gives us seven teeth in total.



  1. I well remember how the change from nappies to pull-ups was a poo-time lifesaver with our grandson. It makes me wonder how my Mum coped, with terry-towelling nappies, huge pins, and then having to boil-wash them all on top of the stove!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I still remember my mum using cloth nappies with my brother. How on earth did they get them on a squirming baby??? Even with the little sticky tabs on the normal nappies Little O can get away before I can do up the side. I literally have to pin him down and then he screams bloody murder. It’s horrible!

  2. Glad to hear Little O at 10 months is energetic and is quite the happy baby. I do hope he sleeps for you soon. With our granddaughter, it took time, but I’d rock her to sleep and then set her in her crib with a pacifier. She slept all night.
    Your situation is different, of course. Best wishes !
    P.S. I had to pin my kids down (my first born) to put their diapers on, too, with a whole lot of twisting and shouting going on.

    1. He’s never taken to a pacifier. I tried when he was little but he’s just a boob monster. I figure eventually he will sleep on his own and then I’ll probably miss my snuggles.

  3. That shot of the Little O and Mr O is a really sweet one.

    1. Aww thank you. They are adorable together!

  4. Oh my god, he is so gorgeous. I love his little squishy face!

    1. Awww thank you. He’s a little heartbreaker!

  5. Love the pictures! Such a cutie!

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