The baby chronicles #40: My first Mothers’ Day

Weeks old: 40
I like: Clambering on things, grass, my singing book, boobs
Mummy is learning: To watch me carefully if I am playing near the stairs

Unlike everywhere else in the world, in the UK Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of March. Apparently “Mothering Sunday” is related to Easter, which is why it’s in March. The rest of the world has adopted the USA’s day of celebration in May, which was set up after mothers’ groups campaigned following the Civil War. So now you know.


This year Mothers’ Day fell on 26 March and it was my first one as a mum. My mum lives in South Africa, so I have always celebrated with her in May (usually long-distance). Since Mr O and I have been together, I have celebrated with Mrs O Senior, who is like a second mum to me, so it’s always been a special day any way.


This year we invited the O Seniors to join us for lunch so we could spend the day together. Initially Mr O said he was going to cook and give me the day off but it didn’t quite work out like that and I spent most of the day cooking.


I think I am supposed to complain about this but I really enjoy cooking and I very rarely get to cook anything elaborate anymore. Plus Mr O and I share household duties. It was nice to potter around the kitchen for hours without having to worry about Little O and I had already enjoyed a cup of tea in bed along with a cute card, some fancy chocolate and Lush bath products.


We had a lovely family lunch together and then as it was a lovely day, we headed down to the park. Little O is crazy about the swings and we all love watching how excited he gets kicking his little legs as he flies through the air.


Throughout the day I reflected on the fact that I am now a mother. Although I look after Little O for at least some portion of every day and he is always at the forefront of my mind, I still sometimes can’t believe that it’s real. It is both the most important and the most ordinary job in the world. It is ordinary in the fact that every body has a mother  and so many women taken on the role but important in the way that for the mother and child/children involved it is one of the most significant relationships of their lives and it shapes who both of them become as people. While Little O won’t remember our first Mothers’ Day together, I know it will always have a fond place in my heart.


Most of this week’s pictures are from our Mothers’ Day trip to the park.


  1. Happy late Mother’s Day!

  2. Looks like you had a Mother’s Day to cherish, Abbi. Great family photos, everyone so happy. Julie had to settle for a card and a gift from our dog Ollie!
    (Not just that, her son and daughter took her to the zoo,with her grandson. So she had a great time.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That sounds like a lovely day for Julie. I’m looking forward to Little O being old enough for the zoo.

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Lil O is so cute! Its been way too long since I visited here, he looks so different!!

    I didn’t know that about the different days for mother’s day. Interesting trivia! Where are you located again? I should remember

    Those photos are great. And your post made me realise that I should treasure the fact that after our rows, my mother and I are still very close. A lot of my friends don’t talk to their mothers so I need to remind myself I am very lucky.

    Happy belated mother’s day!

    1. Ah it’s nice to see you back! He has grown a lot and he’s so active now! We live in Essex in the UK. We’re about 30 miles outside London. I only see my mum about once a year because she lives in South Africa and she does drive me a bit nuts but I can’t imagine not talking to her. I share pictures and videos of Little O almost every day.

      1. Hehe I bet you have a million photos. Hell, my mum has thousands of pics of my dog she loves him so much! More than me sometimes 😛

        Getting close to one year eh? Wow, time really flies huh

        1. I do!! I think it’s so much easier to take photos now though than when we were kids with all the expensive film and developing and having no idea what they were actually going to look like! 😂

          1. Hehe indeed, photography has changed so much! Though when I bought my latest camera, I just had to make sure it had an actual lens to look through, as opposed to just a screen with the image on it. I don’t know how people can take photos like that, especially when its sunny! I love loooking through the actual lens, its great 😛

            I’m such a geek!

  4. jennypugh

    I know I’m late, but happy Mother’s Day! I love your pics, it looks like you had a lovely day 🙂

    1. Thank you! I really did!

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