The baby chronicles #39: 9 month update

Weeks old: 39
I like: Biting everyone, boobs, the fireplace, my activity table
Mummy is learning: That if she can just get me to taste my food, I might have some more

This week Little O is officially 9 months old and on Tuesday he had been out in the world 274 days, which is how long he was inside my body. For some reason this seems like a major milestone. In many ways I felt like I was pregnant for an eternity but now I have been a mother longer than I was pregnant.

On the left is the very last picture that was taken of me pregnant, my induction had just been started and I am hooked up to the monitors. On the right is Little O, 274 days old.


This is what’s going on at 9 months.


Little O is still not super keen on sleeping in his own bed but for the last couple of nights he has only woken up once in the night once he comes into bed with me, which is a vast improvement. I am almost too scared to write it down because it feels like I am going to jinx it. I am still not getting huge amounts of sleep because it’s like my body has become pre-programmed to wake up every two hours anyway. Mr O and I are celebrating because the super king bed we bought has arrived and we should now all be able to sleep together.



I was adamant we were going to do pure baby lead weaning and not spoon feed Little O. me going back to work and us needing him to eat more solid food means we are now “combo weaning” him and he is getting some of his meals off a spoon. Initially he didn’t want us anywhere near him but he’s now quite happy to be fed… if you can get him to have an initial taste and agree that it’s actually quite tasty. He still eats better for Mr O than me but we are definitely moving forward. He still has breastfeeds when I am home and one bottle of expressed milk when I am not. We’ve even gotten him to drink some water, although he only really wants it from your cup.



We still get loads of babbling and facial expressions but now that Little O is able to move himself around he likes to come over to us to “say hi”, have a cuddle, demand a boob, etc. He’s also started looking over at us and kind of checking “is this okay?” before he wanders to somewhere he hasn’t explored before or an area we normally drag him away from… like the sodding fireplace. I am fortunate to get utter joy when I get home from work and he normally leaps around in Mr O’s arms waiting for me to take him. Whether it’s about me or my boobs is still open for interpretation.



Crawling is in full swing and he can now pull himself up to stand. He’s still pretty clumsy though so there’s a fair bit of falling over and bashing his head, followed by lots of tears and cuddles. With this has come rage at being confined and he is no longer happy to go in the Jumperoo so it has been confined to the loft. We have replaced it with an activity table that he can stand at. He loves it but it’s surprisingly loud and sometimes shouts at me in French.



As is normal, Little O’s rate of growth has slowed. So fortunately he is still wearing his 9 – 12 month clothing with a few 12 – 18 month bits thrown in.The only things that don’t fit are the ones we got from French brands (JoJo, La Redoute). French babies must be more petite. He now weighs 22lbs 10z (10kg).



Four new teeth have appeared in the last month. They’re all at the top and have appeared in a rather random order, which is giving him an amusingly lop-sided grin. These ones have taken a lot longer than the bottom ones and made him a bit gristly at times but I keep telling myself that each tooth that comes out is one more off the list.


  1. Nine months inside, then nine more out. An appropriate update indeed. He looks great, and it’s good to hear that you are all doing so well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Thank you! Can’t believe how it has flown!

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