The baby chronicles #38: First week back at work

Weeks old: 38
I like: Water (but only out of someone else’s cup), standing up, biting mummy, boobs – especially if I get to put the boob in my mouth myself, dancing to Shake Your Booty
Mummy is learning: That I am going to constantly injure myself for the next 5 years…

I have survived my first week back at work and it was okay. These are some things that happened.


Apparently these two miss me

  • I thought I was tired before but I am so much more tired now. Coffee is my friend.
  • I found it hard to start, focus on one thing and then finish it. I have become very used to switching from one task to another every five minutes.
  • I thought about what Little O might be doing without me… a lot.


  • After a couple of days I realised that I had not forgotten everything, that my brain still works and that I have lots to contribute.
  • I realised that I actually have very little to talk about other than Little O these days, which is probably boring my work friends but I don’t care.
  • I felt guilty that I wasn’t at home.


  • Little O was fine without me but he was super excited when I got home every day and not just because of boobs.
  • I realised I am probably going to miss out on a lot of his firsts and have to learn about some of his likes and dislikes from Mr O and that made me quite sad.

All in all, being back has been a positive thing. It has been very different from what being at work was like before I was a mum. I am much more conscious about what time I arrive and leave and things like offsite meetings and after work drinks are possibly a huge mission and probably an impossibility for the time being. What I can say though is that Mr O has been amazing at helping me conserve my energy and keeping our household running like clockwork. I am a lucky lady.

And now I leave you with evidence that there is one person on earth who enjoys my singing.


  1. Good to see him shaking his booty!
    Sounds as if your first time back at work has gone pretty well. It just needs more time for you all to get used to that new routine.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He loves dancing. I think they all have in built in.

  2. What beautiful blue eyes your whole family has, including you. Glad you are back to work and all is well. Glad to see Little O has some rhythm and soul in that bum.

    1. Thank you. All 4 of his grandparents also have blue eyes so he’s got some powerful genes there. Think we’d all have had a bit of a scare if they’d have come out a different colour!

  3. It appears that it’s going well for you, just a matter of easing into routine again.

    1. We’re finding our way and fortunately his sleep is slowly improving too.

      1. That’s wonderful to hear Abbi.

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