The baby chronicles #31: Vomit

Weeks old: 31
I like: Talking to myself, the telly, my breakfast…
Mummy is learning: To keep the antibacterial wipes close

This week’s post was supposed to be about leaving your baby (because I actually successfully left Little O with Mr O for a whole day) but that’s going to have to wait a week since our home has been hit by a stomach bug.

It started with me on Thursday night. Mr O was at work and I went to bed early, having put Little O down to sleep. When I got into bed I felt a little queasy but I didn’t really think anything of it. Unfortunately the vomiting started just as Little O woke up for a feed. This left me in a position where I had to keep putting him down mid-feed in order to be sick. It was awful because he was screaming for me and there was nothing I could do because the alternative was being sick on him. Mr O was amazing when he got home but Little O still only really settles at night for me and feeds in the night so I spent the rest of the night alternating between caring for him and rushing to the bathroom.


Yesterday was not pretty. Although I had stopped being sick, I had no appetite and had also not slept. Mr O was around for some of the day but had to go to work and I can tell you that looking after a lively baby when you have no energy and feel nauseous, isn’t very much fun. I kept telling myself that at least once Little O was down for the night I could go to bed very early and try to get some rest. I was in bed at 7.30pm.

Little O started vomiting at 7.35pm. Vomit. Vomit everywhere. Again Mr O was super helpful with the clean up, changing Little O and helping me get him back to sleep once he’d stopped vomiting but he obviously needed comfort and would only sleep on me. So again, I did not really sleep.


Today the vomiting continued albeit less frequently and was topped up by some pretty epic nappies. I still have no appetite so I haven’t eaten much and have less than no energy. My house is a disaster area, the washing machine has broken down (thank god we live near my in-laws and they love us enough to come around and just take away the vomit filled washing basket) and I feel like a complete failure.


Motherhood is a great humbler. You might think you can handle whatever the universe throws at you but it only takes one vomiting baby to turn you into a wreck… well me anyway. I imagine other mothers are doing a much better job in this kind of situation than I am.

Please everyone send wishes to whatever gods, machines or lizards you worship that the vomiting stops completely and that all the O’s get a decent night’s sleep tonight or I might not make it to Monday.


  1. Hope you both feel better soon Hun, sending hugs your way Xxx

  2. oh I promise every house is the same. I remember alternating presents and the sick bucket one christmas with both mysef and my brother. Hang in there it will be fine 🙂

    1. Yikes… that does not sound like a fun Christmas 😑

  3. I doubt anyone is coping any better than you in a similar situation, Abbi. As you rightly say, ‘motherhood is a great humbler.’ And that goes for everyone.
    (And washing machines find it hard to cope with the demands of a baby as well as the parents. Might be best to get a new one!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We are indeed getting a new washing machine after our landlord absolved himself of responsibility after claiming he “gifted” us the current one when he moved in. A new one for me. Fortunately the O Seniors have a spare one that my brother-in-law didn’t need when he moved into his flat.

  4. That’s the worst. Hope it passes fast!

    1. We were lucky. Everyone was mostly okay within 48 hours… but not until after our first ever explosive bath poop.

      1. Oh my goodness, my youngest used to poop in the tub all the time as an infant!!!! So funny and frustrating at the same time!

        1. Especially if you don’t have a second pair of hands at the time. It’s quite something managing the poop, clean up and slippery, wet baby at once! 🙈

  5. Hope you feel better soon and the washing machine gets fixed.

    1. We all recovered relatively quickly. The washing machine was not salvageable but we’re getting a new one.

  6. MIB

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for both of you (and the washing machine) ! 🙂

    1. Thank you! We were all fine after a couple of days. The poor washing machine is dead though.

  7. Ah that’s horrible lady! I wish you all the best , and hope you get better soon!

    1. Thank you! Fortunately although it was horrible it didn’t stick around too long!

  8. Oh no, those vomit bugs are the worst when they go around! Hope you and Little O are feeling better!

    1. They really are the worst. Mr O eventually got it too but we all recovered quite quickly. Same can’t be said for the washing machine though!

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