The baby chronicles #28:A rapid change

Weeks old: 28
I like: Rolling around, throwing my food on the floor, boobs, jumping so hard in my Jumperoo that mummy worries I am going to take off, being thrown in the air
Mummy is learning: To be a bit more careful with the throwing in the air to avoid head-on collisions

It was only two-ish weeks ago that I wrote Little O’s 6 month update and I can’t believe how much has changed. As adults we get used to things in our lives remaining the same for years at a time and changing very little in ourselves so I think it comes as an amazing surprise how quickly our little people can develop completely new skills and physical characteristics.


Little O did his first ever roll when he was 19 weeks old but after that he was a bit of a slug and was only managing a very occasional roll. I think most of them were probably unintentional. Then he woke up one morning and he could suddenly roll from front to back and back again with barely a bat of an eyelid.  Since he was about three months old he’s been writhing about trying to move himself and then suddenly overnight he completely cracked it. Now he is absolutely unstoppable… well until he accidentally wedges himself into strange positions. It’s amazing watching him move himself about but of course it does mean I can’t really leave him for a second unless he’s penned in, which is making taking a shower or getting something to eat when I am home alone with him a bit of a challenge.


He also suddenly recognises his own name and if you call it out, he’ll turn and look at you and smile. It amazes me that he knows that that’s the special word that means him. I remember the therapist I was seeing when I was pregnant telling me that at six months babies developmentally realise that they are a separate person from their mothers and I wonder if it’s somehow connected. Part of my amazement also comes from the fact that I hardly ever call him by his given name and give him loads of ever changing nicknames, the most enduring being Lulu (yeah, I don’t know either).


Don’t be fooled… he didn’t eat any of this

Little O’s rapid physical expansion is also ongoing. Yesterday I went through his wardrobe and changed over his clothes from 6 – 9 months to 9 – 12 months because he was literally busting out of most of his onesies and vests. He was only in the 6 – 9 months stuff for two months.  I wonder how long this next round will last. I remember when he was a newborn thinking that 9 – 12 months clothes looked enormous. Now his newborn clothes seem ridiculously small. I can’t imagine he was ever so tiny.

In terms of other physical changes, Little O has finally cut his first tooth. I started to wonder if it was imminent about three months ago when the incessant dribbling and chewing started and I have been tempted to blame all manner of moodiness on teeth but no teeth had appeared. And then bam suddenly I could feel a little ridge on his lower gum and there it was. He has definitely been suffering a little with the tooth because he’s really not a screamy baby and there have been moments over the past few days where he’s sobbed and seemed genuinely in pain (we have dosed him with baby Nurofen, teething powder and Anbesol, which takes the edge off). The odd thing though is that he had one of his best ever nights of sleep the night before the tooth appeared.


We bought Little O a second hand Jumperoo about 6 weeks ago and he’s been a big fan of sitting in it and twiddling around with the toys but in the last week he’s suddenly figured out that you can bounce in it and he now jumps so hard that his socks come off. He shrieks with glee as this is happening and he’s happy in there for much longer than he used to be. I can now see why people jokingly refer to the Jumperoo as “The Circle of Neglect”.

I wonder what the next few weeks are going to hold…


  1. After that ‘slow start’ it all happens so fast, it seems unreal. Before you know it, you will be checking out schools…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Oh my word… I’m definitely not ready for schools!

  2. What great smiles! He smiles just like Mr. O.

    1. Now that I look more closely, he really does!

  3. Lulu was one of my mother-in-law’s favorite nicknames for little ones. She would have been tickled to hear that someone so far away uses it too.

    1. Ah that’s lovely. Send her my best. X

  4. He’s an absolute beauty Abbi. And love reading how many things he’s achieving, keep it up Little O, you clever little bean xxx

    1. Thank you so much! He is a clever little chap. Although this week he seems to be working on how loud and long he can scream for before mummy leaves him under a railway bridge. Xxx

  5. MIB

    Hehe! That reminds me of my nephew when he was that age. My sister but him on the floor on his back and asked me to watch over him. I turned to reply and when I turned back, in that split second my nephew was on his front! Freaked the life out of me! 😛

    1. They move remarkably fast. I fear crawling which I don’t think is very far off…

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