2016: A review in pictures

2016 hasn’t been most people’s favourite year. Everyone died and there was Brexit and Trump and all manner of other horrible things… but it wasn’t all bad for me. To prove it, here are some things that happened each month.



I ended up in Berlin by myself for a weekend by accident but I actually had an awesome time



Valentine’s Day is silly but every year Mr O buys me a single long stemmed red rose and I love it.



In March I went to Glasgow to meet up with my friend L, who usually lives in Johannesburg. We went to the necropolis and it was awesome



In April I started to look what I thought was very pregnant… I had no idea. I also started wrestling with gestational diabetes, which was tough but bearable.



May was my baby shower. My lovely friends and mother-in-law made a huge fuss over me and I got amazing gifts for myself and Little O.



In June I did a baby and everything changed. Fortunately it turned out to be the most beautiful baby ever.



In July we moved to our new house in Essex. It was insanely hot and the baby and the parents almost melted.



We were supposed to go to South Africa in August but instead I had emergency surgery. We did get to have a really fun BBQ though where Little H, our friends’ son played with this woolen boob



In September we eventually did go to South Africa and Little O met all his South African relatives, including my Ouma (grandmother). She passed away a couple of months later so I am extremely glad we had this time.



In October it started getting chilly and Little O and I went for lots of long autumnal walks in the park



In November I turned 36. I celebrated by going to see the fireworks.



It was Little O’s first Christmas. He wore many appropriate outfits and got a crazy amount of presents.

I want to wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy New Year as we go into 2017. I feel like everything is going to change again… whether for good or bad. Let’s hope it’s mostly good. Good would be nice.


  1. Great stuff, Abbi. What a year for you!
    My best wishes for a happy new year to you three, and anyone else reading too.

    1. And to you too, Pete!

  2. Happy New Year beautiful lady xx

    1. To you too, my lovely! xxx

  3. Great year, Abbi! Here’s to an even better 2017!

  4. dominicself

    Happy new year Abbi! I appreciate seeing other bloggers struggle with the whole “objectively this year was terrifying but here are the good things” introductory paragraph… xx

    1. It was tough to write because there was an enormous amount of shit but I can’t possibly just write off the year my baby was born in. xx

  5. It has been a mostly good year, hasn’t it?

    1. For Mr O and I, definitely!

  6. MIB

    Belted Happy New Year to you and the O Clan! 🙂

  7. Another great round up of some awesome pics. While 2016 was crazy, it wasn’t all bad.

    1. It had ups and downs but for me the ups outweigh the downs.

  8. Excellent photos, loved this look back at 2016.

      1. Visual representations of things catch my eye all the time.

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