The baby chronicles #19: Trick or treat

I like: Chewing my hands, my squeaky zebra, boobs, charming old ladies… and builders
Mummy is learning: Always to have a spare set of clothes, to give me a second to settle myself when I cry

Sometimes having a baby feels a bit like Halloween. There are lots of treats in the way of memorable moments and adorable little actions but then there are also plenty of little tricks that are a bit less fun. I suppose it keeps all things in balance. And as it was Halloween earlier this week I thought I’d share some of the tricks and treats that Little O and I have shared this week.

The clocks going back


When I was in my 20’s the clocks going back meant another hour of clubbing. Now that I have a baby it meant getting up at 4am because baby body clocks don’t give two shits about actual clocks and Little O is an early riser anyway. Fortunately that only lasted for two days and Mr O and I took it in turns getting up. It was also hard to eke out bed time for the extra hour and poor Little O was inconsolable by 4pm, rubbing his little face on my chest as if to say, “mummy why won’t you just put me to bed.”


Erm… well it gets light a bit earlier when you’re doing the first morning shift.


Long walks in the park


We live between two really lovely parks. Now that it’s Autumn the main central park in particular is a riot of reds, oranges and yellows so I’ve been taking Little O for long strolls. It’s great for me to get some exercise and fresh air and Little O mostly snoozes peacefully or enjoys looking at his surroundings.


On Halloween itself Little O and I went for one of these walks. When we were about half an hour from home he became quite distressed so I decided to stop and see if he fancied a boob. It turned out that what he actually wanted was a great big poo. A poo so big that I had no choice but to completely undress, change and redress him on a park bench while he laughed his head off and I became progressively more flustered and covered in poo myself. I even got poo on his little skull and crossbones hat. Just a reminder to always have a spare outfit.


Endless expansion


Little O continues to get bigger by the second. Yesterday I had a chat to our neighbour who has a nine month old and Little O is bigger than her little girl. This week we had to admit defeat and pack away his 3 – 6 months clothing. It was really sad because he had some absolutely gorgeous clothes, some of which he has barely worn. Some of which he has never worn. I can’t believe my baby is already more than two and a half times the weight he was at birth.


Little O already has a stash of lovely 6 – 9 months outfits and it’s exciting to essentially have a whole new wardrobe to dress him in. Also now that Mr O, Uncle O and Mr O Senior have built Little O’s nursery furniture we can actually store his clothing in a sensible, organised manner and the nursery looks more like a bedroom and less like a dumping ground.


With Uncle O and Granddad

A trip to London


Yesterday Little O and I went back to Earlsfield, which is where we used to live, to meet up with the mums and babies from our NCT Group. We took the littleuns to a place called Mini Potters where they take baby foot and handprints and then use them to make decorative gifts. It might sound a little cheesy but the stuff they make is really lovely and I couldn’t resist ordering a couple of Christmas baubles and coasters with Little O’s feet on them. Not only did we have a really good journey in but it was great to catch up with everyone.


I really love living in Chelmsford for many reasons, including that we have a spacious house with a garden, that we’re close to our family and that it’s just a very pleasant place for Little O to grow up. However being back in Earlsfield made me feel really homesick. The rest of the ladies from the group meet up almost daily and seeing them yesterday reminded me that although we speak on WhatsApp everyday that I  miss them. We haven’t known each other for very long but having our babies at the same time (three including Little O were born on the same day) created a bond that feels very meaningful and which I haven’t been able to replicate here yet. Thank goodness modern technology means that we can stay in touch without physically seeing each other and I am really hoping that they’ll get to visit us soon.




  1. Love that Halloween baby outfit! Shame about the poo on his hat though.
    Earlsfield took me back. My first wife was from there, and we got married in the United Reformed Church, in Earlsfield Road. (We later lived not far from there, in Braemar Avenue, Wimbledon Park.) Sadly, I believe that the church is now converted into flats.
    Then again, 1977 was a long time ago.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I know where that is! We lived just off Garrett Lane on the Wandsworth end of Earlsfield near what used to be the Arndale Centre. It’s a lovely area.

  2. Fab post! Your poop in the park story cracked me up. Love reading your adventures and what a cool journal you are making for you and your family!

    1. That’s one of the main reasons I have been keeping this chronicle so I don’t forget all the little things.

      1. You should publish it when Little O turns a certain age….

        1. He’s probably going to disown me when he’s a teenager over all my discussion of his poop habits.

          1. and love for your boobs

  3. jennypugh

    Aw, he’s so big now, I’m way behind on your posts! The park near you looks lovely, Little O’s poo escapade made me laugh! 🙂

    1. I can look back now and laugh but at the time I was really panicking that I wasn’t going to be able to get him dressed and clean without some kind of harm coming to him. It is amazing the gymnastics you can do with the wriggly baby when you need to.

  4. MIB

    “the clocks going back meant another of clubbing.” Is this the fill in the blank part of your post? 🙂 😛

    I won’t make too big a deal out of it, since it sounds like Little O will be 7 ft tall by the time he’s 10! I don’t want him coming after me! 😮

    1. It should have said “hour”. My editing is really not up to par at the moment but I have fixed it now.

      1. MIB

        I know, just teasing you! You are a bit busy after all! 😉 🙂

  5. The dreaded poonami strikes again! And on the skull hat no less. What a little champion. A poo champion, if you will.

    1. He is definitely excellent at pooping. The fact that he is teething makes it worse. They swallow loads of dribble so it makes their poos more runny and explosive and then they escape out of the nappies… 😦

  6. That Halloween outfit is so cute!

    1. Thank you. I wish he could have worn it for longer! I am glad I at least got a picture before he pooped on it!

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