The baby chronicles #17: The sick baby blues

Weeks old: 17

I like: Boobs, pulling blankets over my head, Tellytubbies

Mummy is learning: To crack on no matter how rough she feels.

This post is very late because Little O and I have both not been our best over the last week. He’s had a mild cold for a few weeks but it has now migrated into his chest and left him rather miserable. 

Poor little chap rattles when he breathes, snuffles when he eats and appears to be phlegmed up to his eyeballs.

On Wednesday he gave us the fright of our lives by waking up several times struggling to breathe and coughing violently so I decided to take him to the doctor. I felt every inch the paranoid first time mum. I won’t take myself to the doctor unless I’m dying out of fear of being a time waster so the struggle was real.

Fortunately the doctor did not make me feel bad about bringing him in even though he appears to have a virus and said at this age it’s always better to be sure. She told me to keep up the vapor rub I’ve been putting on his chest and feet along with the saline spray for his nose and prescribed some piriton to help dry him out at night. He’s definitely sleeping better but he’s also a bit of a whingy grouch.

Unfortunately the situation was not improved when I suddenly got sick too on Thursday. We don’t seem to be sharing the same germs though because my bug is characterised by nausea, dizziness, headache and achy body. While mummery is tough work when you feel well, it is a whole different ballgame when you feel ill. Mr O is super helpful but I’m still the only one who can feed Little O and he likes me to rock him to sleep. Checking out and taking to my bed is no longer an option especially when Mr O is at work.

Instead I’ve just had to keep going, even when my every instinct has been to lie on the floor and cry. I’ve slowly started eating again today so I guess that’s a good sign. Wish me luck for next week.


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  2. You’re doing such a great job!

    1. Thank you! Just muddling along and hoping for the best.

  3. I hope that you are both feeling better soon, Abbi. Never worry about taking Little O to see the doctor. Always better to be a safe worrier than a sorry one.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We are both much better this week. Thank you 😊

  4. Cold season is an absolute bitch with a little one and the phrase ‘take it easy’ is even more important when you/Little O are ill… anything that can wait, should. Sending you both lots of get well vibes and lots of love xxx

    1. Fortunately we are both much better this week. Before I had him I never got sick so it’s a bit of an adjustment being under the weather. This is my second bug already since he was born. Xx

  5. MIB

    That top pic (with 17 weeks written across it) deserves to be blown up and put on your wall! Classic! 🙂

    1. We really need to put up some pictures of him! But then it took us 3 years to put up our wedding photos! 🙈

  6. Absolutely loving that collage of the two of you, and hope you both feel better soon!

  7. Been reading the comments. Glad you’re feeling better.

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