The baby chronicles #12: The journey continues 

Weeks old: 12

I like: Sitting in large chairs, boobs, nappy free time

Mummy is learning: a boob doesn’t solve everything

We spent last week visiting with my dad at his house in Somerset West, which was lovely but also a bit restrictive because of our lack of proper car seat and pushchair compounded with my dad’s lack of interest in breaking his routine and the crap weather.

We did do some really fun stuff though. 

We took Little O to the beach for the first time and took lots of awkward family selfies and ate really nice food and these are all good things.

We call my dad “Oupa” which is the Afrikaans for granddad and Jack and Oupa even watched their first rugby match together on TV.

We are now visiting my mum (Ouma) in the small Eastern Cape town where she lives. My cousins own and run a 30 room bed and breakfast here so my aunt and mum work for them and my grandmother also lives here so we see my whole family in one go.

There’s not an awful lot to do around here but catching up with everyone is fun especially since one of my cousins now has two little girls, the younger of whom is only two months older than Little O. Of course Little O is a chunk so he and Littlest S are the same size.

Still figuring each other out

I have also been helping my mum buy and figure out her first smartphone. She has been extremely resistant in the past but now she realises that she’s missing out on pictures and videos of Jack which has turned the tide. So far I have been able to calm her fears which include things like  IT WILL DOWNLOAD APPS WHILE I AM SLEEPING! and THE INTERNET WILL SEE PHOTOS OF ME!

My aunt, my mum and Little O

Unfortunately this is the first place I have received negativity about breastfeeding in public, which has surprised me. I maintain that I will feed my baby wherever I like as covered or uncovered as I like and that anyone who has a problem needs to just deal with it. Not everyone agrees.


  1. I love how you keep finding huge chairs for him to sit in! You have made me want one now…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I’m hoping it’s going to be completed a fun thing we do with him as he grows up.

  2. He’s getting so big! I know, they do that, but aww! Love your mum’s phone fears. It’s okay, I fear the same things sometimes.

    1. I can’t believe how fast he’s grown. Fortunately so far my mum is loving the phone.

  3. Ha! What a fun post and great pictures. Wow! He’s long legged and adorable, Abbi. Kind of looks like Mr. O, to me.

    1. He definitely looks like his dad. The long legs might be the thing he’s gotten from me. I’m glad there’s something. Lol!

  4. He is so cute! Trying to teach my Dad about his cell phone and dealing with the apps – oh many, it’s a nightmare, ha ha! Sorry to hear your not feeling the support about breastfeeding your baby. Chin up, you are doing great things for him.

    1. I mostly feel very supported. I think it’s just a small town mentality thing.

  5. LOL your mom’s smartphone fears are priceless. As for the breastfeeding in public? I have NEVER understood why this is an issue :/

    1. I think people are really stuck on breasts being sexual but honestly you can see less when I’m feeding than you see on the beach. If people are weirded out they should just not look.

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