The baby chronicles #8: Things I underestimated how much time I’d spend doing

Weeks old: 8
I like: The pictures of mummy and daddy’s wedding on the wall, when daddy plays with my nose, boobs
Daddy is learning: To keep an eye on me when he leaves me on the sofa

I have heard a lot of people say they were completely blind-sided by what taking care of a baby was like on a day-to-day basis and I can understand why because there really is nothing that can quite describe it. For me I wouldn’t say it was a total shock that my days would melt together, or that I’d be taken over by baby related activities or that there would be sleepless nights. I certainly didn’t feel like the woman in that infamous article who was shocked that she didn’t spend her maternity leave eating salad in restaurants and getting pedicures. However, there are some activities that I definitely underestimated how much time I’d end up devoting to.

Cleaning sick out of my baby’s ears:  Little O is a greedy little chap and often drinks more milk than he actually needs, which leads to hiccups and him sicking up the excess… and if I don’t catch it fast enough because I have popped him on his play mat and dared to unpack the dishwasher it tends to run into his ears. Grim.


Filing baby nails:  Little O’s nails grow crazy fast and it doesn’t take long before his hands are like little claws, claws he uses not only on his own face but also on mummy’s boobs, daddy’s chest and any other piece of skin he can get his hands on. I am way too nervous to cut them so I wait until he’s asleep and then file them.

Multitasking:  I thought I used to multitask a lot at work but this is on a whole new level. I have man aged to make an entire cauliflower cheese with Little O in the sling, done a wee while holding him (needs must) and written this blog while breastfeeding and then burping him. If there was a multitasking category in the Olympics it would definitely be the battle of the mums!


Snapped by Mrs O senior without me noticing as I tried to get a burp out of him. I love my expression.

Repeating the phrase “you’re okay”: I don’t know when this became my default comfort phrase but whenever Little O is fussing or crying, whether it’s because I have put him down for two minutes or made him wait 1.43 seconds for a boob I find myself saying, “you’re okay, you’re okay” over and over. Even Mr O does it now.


Rebel in training

Trying to convince my child that a plastic nipple is not a torture device:  I naively thought that Little O would be well up for a dummy and for expressed milk out of a bottle. I was so wrong. Little O does not like anything in his mouth that is not an actual real life boob… except occasionally his own fist or very briefly one of daddy’s knuckles. I would at some point like to be able to let Mr O or the O Seniors have some time with him alone… and I have this absolute phobia that something bad will happen to me and he’ll scream for days before he’ll eat… so we are persisting with trying the bottle. So far our record is three sucks before he started gagging.

Trying to capture the perfect expression:  Little O pulls the cutest faces. He snores, grins, does these sleepy little snuffles and even frowns like a grumpy old man. Of course by the time you get the camera out he’s doing something else because he also goes through moods faster than PMS-ing woman in a greeting card shop. I often find myself hovering my phone over his face for ages just waiting for him to do something one more time so I can snap it and share it with our families.


But in other news…

  • Little O now weighs 5.75kg/12lbs 10z so he is growing like a bomb. Hooray for boobies.
  • We took him for his first inoculations yesterday. It wasn’t a nice experience for any of us. He screamed bloody murder when he had the injections which broke Mr O and my hearts and he hated being given Calpol to prevent fever. He was also very out of sorts for 24 hours. The potential horrible illnesses he could get by not having his jabs are a hundred times worse so it was totally worth it.
  • On Sunday the 3 of us will be heading off on a trip to South Africa so that Little O can meet the VDBs (VDB being the abbreviation of my maiden name), my/his cousins and the friends I grew up with. I am somewhat bricking that fact that he’s going to have to get through seven flights in total to get through the whole trip but hoping very much that he is going to do lots of sleeping. We will be gone for a whole month but I am hoping to keep blogging… the posts just might be a bit untidy as I will have to use my phone.



  1. That’s a big trip with a tiny baby, so good luck with that Abbi. He is beginning to look like someone except just a baby now. Before you know it, you will have to look at these photos to recall how small he was.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Apparently this is the easiest age to travel with them because they sleep a lot and don’t need much entering or to move around a lot… that’s what I’m telling myself anyway! I already can’t believe how big he’s gotten. He’s not far off doubling his birth weight!

      1. Got to be better than travelling with a bored toddler, Abbi!

  2. has it been 8 weeks? Wow! 8 months will be here in a blink. Have a wonderful time in S. Africa! You look great. So does little O. 🙂

    1. It simultaneously feels like 8 minutes and 8 years! Thank you. I am trying best not to completely let myself go. Easier said than done!

  3. Ah, you’re all gonna be okay! Loving these posts, and I hope you guys have one heck of a holiday, and enjoy seeing the family! Seven flights? Whoa!

    1. We’re going London – Amsterdam – Cape Town – East London – Johannesburg – Cape Town – Amsterdam – London. Whew!

  4. Awww some great photos. Good luck with the trip!

    I also liked this “Rebel in training” hehehe

    1. He was loving posing with his tongue out. If you stick yours out at him he will mirror you.

      1. Awww, that’s awesome!

  5. I really love reading this posts and seeing the photos Abbi.

    1. I am so glad people are still enjoying my blog when it has changed topics so dramatically!

      1. It’s your blog and the switch in topics is good. Your blog can never be accused of being boring.

  6. He is too gorgeous! I always wondered whether parents put those little mittens on babies to keep their baby-sized hands warm, or to prevent them from scratching everyone/everything. Perhaps it’s both! You guys must almost be on the plane by now, so wishing you luck on your travels and that Little O manages well! It’s okay. 🙂

    1. Those are definitely scratch mittens. They are so out of control of their hands so they scratch themselves all the time! We actually never made it onto the plane for reasons that will become clear in my most recent post…

  7. enjoy ur trip ( I know this is late!) 🙂

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