The baby chronicles #4: Never let me go

Weeks old: 4
I like: Sleeping on mummy, boobs (no surprise),being in my bouncer… for about 10 minutes
Mummy is learning: Not to look in the mirror, to hold me upright after I have eaten

Tomorrow Little O will be a whole month old and miraculously we have not dropped or drowned him or let him get stolen by gypsies. I am secretly somewhat proud of this.


We have spent the last week settling into our new home and doing some admin. We will be taking Little O on his first big holiday a month from now so he can meet his South African family members so I had to apply for a passport for him. Amazingly baby passports are valid for 5 years. Little O already doesn’t look that much like his passport photo and it’s only a couple of weeks old.

He is becoming more alert by the day but also more demanding. This has manifested itself in him not wanting to be put down… ever. This means I spend pretty much all my time with Little O in my arms both night and day. Whether he is awake or asleep he just wants to be cuddled. Apparently this  is normal for a newborn as they experience something referred to as the “fourth trimester”. It is a huge transition from being in the warm, dark, noisy womb to being in the big, bright, unpredictable outside world and what makes them feel safe is cuddling up with mummy (and very occasionally daddy for about 10 minutes at a time). While I love snuggling up close with Little O it can make everyday life activities challenging and it makes sleeping especially challenging for all three of us. And mummy and daddy are very tired.


I realised just how much the sleep-deprivation was starting to get to me when I spotted myself in the mirror in Primark the other day. I think the look of new mother and hermit-who-lives-in-a-cave are not that different from each other. On Sunday we took Little O to meet his great aunt and uncle and cousin and I made sure I had five minutes to actually put some make-up on and create the illusion that I don’t spend large parts of the night staring at my baby and thinking, “I have no idea what you want.” At the moment he is too small to give me any kind of positive communication like smiling, laughing or cuddling back. It’s a little like working for a dictator, whose language you don’t speak and who is always slightly dissatisfied with the service but fortunately cute enough to make it all forgivable in the cold light of day.


Proof that with a little bit of effort I still look half human

Little O’s great aunt and uncle kindly bought us a bouncer, which he actually doesn’t mind spending ten minutes at a time in. Just long enough for me to at least eat my breakfast or go for a wee. Bless him, I don’t think he knows what is going on but he seems to quite like it.


Finally we’ve been trying to figure out who Little O looks like. There are lots of theories. I think he looks like my brother, after whom he is partly named. I recently unearthed this picture of him with my Granny when he was only a few months old. I think I have proved myself right, what do you guys think? Little O is on the left and my brother is on the right.





  1. great update Abs! the dictator analogy is so perfect! and I love the double-yawn picture 🙂

    1. Thank you! Little O definitely runs this household.

      1. Doesn’t change much as they get older… 😉

  2. I think he has your eyes! What a cutie. If he likes to cuddle and you need a break have you tried to swaddle little O? For some babies, it really works.

    1. Now I want to be swaddled! x

    2. We’ve tried swaddling but he wrestles like a demon. He does like the sling though so I’m trying to figure out how to feed in it and then I’ll have two free hands!

  3. I always find the fascination with ‘ who do they look like?’ amusing. For myself, I see little or no resemblance to your brother, but I have never had children, so I don’t qualify as a ‘baby commentator’. From the eye bags and yawn-face, I have to tell you -reluctantly- that he looks a lot more like me! Sorry about that…He will get much better looking, I promise.
    Best wishes to you three as ever, Pete.

    1. I guess it’s a part of the whole evolutionary compulsion to pass on our genetic material. Most babies do look a bit like miniature middle aged men though so you probably have a point! 😉

      1. I will take middle-aged as a welcome compliment, Abbi!

  4. That is so amazing. Babies usher in such a wonderful new stage of life.

    1. We’ve been loving it… even though we’re a bit sleepy.

      1. Oooooh yes, that sleep thing! lol

  5. A lovely update Abbi, the photos of all of you and the baby are really nice.

  6. MIB

    Father and son choir practice – how sweet! 😛

    1. More like dual yawning. Lol!

  7. These posts are awesome, truly. Hopefully soon a regular system crops up and you get a tad more rest 😉

    1. Thank you! We’ll get there.

  8. Look at that beautiful little face! And he and your brother have the same nose! So adorable.

    1. I think the two of them are so alike but everyone sees something different.

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