The baby chronicles #3: The great relocation

Weeks old: 3
I like: Riding in the car, boobs (always), my play mat
Mummy is learning: How to avoid a surprise wee, not to take my hatred of baths personally

The last couple of weeks has been pretty busy for Mr O, Little O and me since we moved house. It probably sounds like a crazy thing to do with a newborn baby but our lease was up and we’ve been considering moving closer to Mr and Mrs O senior for a while so we decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. Although I have to admit that I didn’t do an awful lot.


Since Little O does loads of cluster feeding I often end up in a chair with him for hours so I had to rely on Mr O and his family to move all the big stuff. I was also lucky enough to be helped out by the wonderful D, who moved Little O and I and the last of our stuff and unpacked my entire kitchen. I was very nervous that Little O was going to howl in the car and I wouldn’t be able to do anything but he was as good as gold.


A father-son moment in our new home

There are some awesome things about our new home. It is much bigger and much cheaper than our flat was and it has a garden and two bathrooms and two reception rooms and a dishwasher and we can really spread out. Our new neighbourhood is also very cool since we live just off a high street full of cute coffee shops, boutiques and salons and we’re only 10 minutes from the centre of town which has two malls, loads of restaurants and a food market on Fridays and Saturdays.


This is one of Little O’s favourite position

Unfortunately we are now really far away from most of our friends but in the last two weeks we’ve been visited by so many people including Little O’s cousins and great aunt, my friend L – who lives in South Africa and my in-laws. He is a very popular little chap.


In the last week he has become much more alert than he was before and he now focuses on Mr O and my faces and seems to be paying attention to us. We’ve started putting him on his play mat so that he can look at the brightly coloured toys hanging above him, which he seems to love.

He is yet to develop any kind of eating or sleeping pattern but what we have learned is that everyone sleeps better if he stays in bed with us rather than when we try to put him in his moses basket. We have also learned that sometimes it’s going to take until 2pm before everyone is dressed and ready to leave the house and that that’s okay. Teamwork is key. I often have to stop halfway through a task like cooking or hanging up washing and then handover to Paul because Little O is crying for a boob. Sometimes being the only person who can feed him is exhausting and stressful but seeing how much he is already growing is so comforting and he is insanely cute, which makes it impossible to really get annoyed with him… even when he wakes up at 4am, gristles for 4 hours, farts and then goes back to sleep.




  1. It’s a busy time to move but he’ll never know and though you said you didn’t do anything…you totally did. Taking care of a newborn is no easy task.

    1. I guess sometimes I feel kind of guilty because a lot of the looking after involves sitting. Lol!

      1. I totally get the guilt, I feel that way a lot still. You ARE doing important things.

  2. Sounds as if the move was a great idea, Abbi.
    I have been noticing lots of similarities between myself and Little O too.
    Likes riding in the car. Check.
    Likes boobs (always). Check.
    Cries for a boob. Check.
    Not much hair. Check.
    All I need now is a new play mat!
    Best wishes to the three of you. Pete.

    1. Hahaha! Hopefully your toilet habits are a bit more developed than his are. Little O’s play mat came from Amazon and was only about £20. It’s a nautical themed one. I can highly recommend it.

      1. We got my grandson one with roads etc marked out on it. Most of the time, the dog sits on it! x

  3. Dishwashers are total game changers. He is so adorable!

    1. It’s keeping us sane right now!

  4. jmount43

    Mother and baby are both beautiful.

  5. Some great photos here, I love the look on Mr O’s face as he is holding the baby. Great stuff! Good to hear everything is going smoothly, despite the move

    1. A cross between love and shell shock!

  6. Glad to hear that you are loving your new place, and it always helps to be closer to the folks, I am sure. You guys are looking fantastic, and I am so happy you guys are still having a blast. That Godfather pic is probably one of my all time favourites so far.

    1. It’s really nice to have loads of space. I love the Godfather pic too. He is definitely the boss of this family.

  7. […] Abbi’s little O is three weeks old, or probably four now, but they have decided to move house! […]

  8. MIB

    I see in that first B&W pic Little O has starting practising his “Boyband member” pose! 😛

    1. I’ve always said I want him to follow whatever path he desires but boyband member wouldn’t be my first choice. Lol!

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