The bump chronicles #25: Food glorious food

Weeks pregnant: 36
Baby size in vegetables: Romaine lettuce

Last week we had Little O’s last growth scan to check that he is on track to be a normal sized baby and that his important parts (head, belly, femur) are all in proportion because this is what decides how early I will be induced.


Something I can actually eat

Although he was not in the mood for paparazzi at this particular scan I am glad to say that Little O is completely in proportion and at a completely normal estimated weight of 5lbs 15 ounces/2.7kg with an expected birth weight of 7lbs or 3.2kg. The sonographer said there was no cause for concern and along with the diabetes midwife assuring me that my sugars are well enough controlled we are expecting that I will be induced at 39 weeks, which is to be confirmed in just over a week.


Little O’s foot… displaying the characteristic very long big toe that runs in my family

Over the past couple of weeks my insulin resistance has increased, which is a normal thing as pregnancy progresses and in many ways a good sign that my placenta is working well. The diabetes nurse told me she’d be more worried at this stage if it improved. What this means is that I have to keep adjusting my insulin levels up and some of the things I used to be fine to eat (read: all and any types of bread) are now causing me to spike, which means I have to avoid them and my diet is becoming ever more limited. Although I struggled a lot with accepting my diagnosis and accepting going onto medication along with its consequences, I have come to realise that it is not how you manage gestational diabetes that is important. It is important that you manage it. People who manage to control through diet alone are not “better” at it… they just don’t have the condition as severely. And considering how well Little O is doing, it must be working.

The side effect is that I have started thinking about all the things I want to eat once Little O has been born. Pretty much as soon as he is out my body should return to normal, which means all the forbidden foods are back on the table (pun intended). In case anyone is wondering, this is my running list:

  • A whole loaf of fresh tiger bread with butter
  • Scones with cream and lots of jam
  • A custard slice
  • Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice-cream… probably the whole carton
  • A green detox smoothie from Crussh – sounds like it would be okay but the juice content pretty much kills it
  • Cadbury’s Oreo chocolate
  • Porridge with banana and peanut butter
  • Jelly babies
  • A burger with the bun on it – preferably from Five Guys
  • Several whole mangoes
  • Pizza… even just a margherita would be a joy
  • A peanut butter milkshake
  • Toast
  • A bagel
  • Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
  • Cake – carrot, chocolate, Victoria sponge, red velvet plain old vanilla… just cake
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Dried fruit
  • A big bag of sweet and salty popcorn
  • Grapes

If anyone wants to come and visit me in the hospital after the birth, you are expected to bring me something on the list!


  1. Mmmmm…tiger bread…

    Tiger bread is the beeeeeest! Glad you’re doing well : )

    1. I very rarely would choose white bread but tiger bread is my big exception. I can honestly quietly sit and eat the whole loaf.

  2. Your list made me hungry. I’m glad you are managing all of this well. 39 weeks will come round soon and this will all be a bad dream–the diabetes part. Feeling a baby grow up inside you is a magical experience.

    1. I think it’s had that effect on a few people. Lol! As tough as aspects of the this pregnancy have been I am very grateful that I have had the experience of growing a baby. I am not sure anything really compares to how consuming yet fascinating it is.

      1. Are you C-sectioning (a new gerund!) or canaling little O?

        1. Canaling but by induction as I need extra monitoring and there are risks associated with going to full term with gestational diabetes.

    1. It was such a relief because you just don’t know what is going on in there.

  3. I love this post, and that list xD I would be CRUSHED if I had to take mashed potatoes off my menu. The pain and suffering! I am so glad to hear that Baby O is doing so healthy. Just around the corner now and then he will be with you. That’s so amazing 😀

    1. Although I am missing some foods a lot, it is amazing how quickly you can adjust to not eating things, especially when it is for such a good cause. It can be tedious to think about every single thing you eat though and unlike a diet that you choose for yourself you can never have a cheat day, meal or even moment.

  4. I would love to bring you goodies in the hospital! I need to get that passport tho…

    1. Aww bless you! I can’t imagine not having a passport but then I suppose travel culture is so different in Europe. We live in these tiny little countries that are all connected and it is so cheap to get around that we’re always hopping from once place to another.

      1. The last time I went to Canada and Mexico you didn’t need a passport.

  5. Your list made a bit nauseated. 😀 Not a big fan of sweet stuff but it would kill me to give up those salty things on the list. 🙂 I’m glad you’re both good.

    1. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth so I think I have weighted things towards that side of it but there is lots of savoury stuff I miss too. Because it’s no sugar as well as being low carb it can be really limiting.

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