Snapchat anyone?

As I have mentioned before my blog is going to be slowing down a bit but I do still want to keep communicating and sharing aspects of my life. I have been blogging in some format or another for about 10 years and the idea of not “broadcasting” on some level just seems odd. Maybe it’s a bit of a warped, self-important view of the world but I guess all of us bloggers are a little self-important or why would we be doing this.

Anyway… I have had SnapChat for a while but I am only just starting to “get” it and the concept of having a story, which is essentially a very short term microblog. I am a very visual person so it appeals to me way more than Twitter and I love the transient nature of it. It’s like some kind of weird running commentary, which for me includes things like my supposition on the size of our neighbour’s penis based on his vehicle choice and why I always end up sitting next to the smelliest person on the bus.

So what I am trying to say is, there might be less content here soon but SnapChat (and Instagram) is a place where I can share thoughts and experiences without needing the time to prepare a whole blog. So if anyone has SnapChat (or Instagram) please add me (and of course I will add you back). My username, as for all things, is abbiosbiston.


  1. I have no idea what SnapChat is, really, but if you are going to be wondering about things like the neighbour’s penis size due to vehicle and stinky people and all sorts of wtf, it might be worth looking into xD Otherwise, there will always be Instagram!

    1. Snapchat is basically a running commentary in pictures and short videos of what you are doing that are formed into a story… but they are only live for 24 hours and then they vanish. You can also send direct ones to just one person and they can only view it once before it deletes. So some people use it for very um… intimate communication.

      1. I love Snapchat! It took me a while to get to know it really but now I enjoy hugely. It makes us all very much human. 🙂

  2. theipc

    I don’t know what snap chat is either but if i figure it out i’ll sure add you : )

    1. Just know that some people will be using it for #snaptaco. Not me though. I am a good girl.

  3. R. Henneberg

    I love Snapchat. Especially stories and more and more people are discovering how to use them. It is such an easy way to express yourself and the best thing is that people can opt out of stories if they don’t feel like watching them. It is just great!

    (Also, I totally added you, because you do good Instagram, so I believe you will do good Snapchat.)

    1. I love the transient nature of it. I often want to capture moments that I don’t necessarily want to store or curate, which is what Instagram is more for me. I have added you back and am looking forward to seeing your stories as I also enjoy your Instagram 🙂

  4. Never used it but if you like it that’s a pretty good qualification.

    1. I do. It’s fun and quite silly.

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