The inevitable demise of Film Friday

My more astute and committed readers (who I love more than life itself) might have realised that this is the second Friday in a row with no Film Friday feature. There are two main reasons for this:

I am insanely busy: For the last few weeks I have had antenatal classes two evenings a week, plus personal training two evenings a week, plus whole days of hospital appointments, plus working full time, plus visiting family in preparation for Little O’s arrival. I have just not been able to fit in as many films.

I have no concentration span: At 34 weeks pregnant I sometimes struggle to focus for very long. I’m tired all the time because I don’t sleep well and I am preoccupied with planning for the baby as well as dealing with my gestational diabetes and anxiety. Sitting down for a full two hours and getting through a film is hard. When I do get time I end up watching Obsessive  Compulsive Cleaners and history programmes about Anne Boleyn that help me fall asleep.

I think this is probably the beginning of a slowing down of this particular feature. I am under no illusions that I will have much leisure time once Little O makes his appearance and it is inevitable that I will have to choose where I spend the time that I do have. I don’t plan to stop watching films altogether or to abandon my blog completely but I think Film Friday particularly is going to become something more of a fortnightly or monthly feature.

I hope that those of you that enjoy it will still check in and also forgive me if it takes me a little longer to get around to all of your awesome posts.


  1. excuses, excuses 🙂

    Been there, done that. Completely understand and hope that u find time to watch movies in the future.

    Look forward to the inevitable return of this feature!

    Keep smiling! 🙂

    1. I’m hoping there will be quiet moments albeit few and far between and as Little O grows up we can start to enjoy films together. My aim is slowing down rather than stopping… or at least some kind of evolution 😊

  2. We all completely understand Abbi.

  3. Awwwww, the time was bound to roll around! I hope you still have a blast, and while we love the blogs, real life is way more important. Can’t wait to see Baby O!

    1. I’m hoping for some balance and maybe some blogging about mum life too 😊

      1. As long as you are still around (even if it is much less than we are used to) – I would love to see your take on motherhood.

        1. I might vanish for a bit but I’d miss it way too much to be gone forever!

          1. I was also thinking just the other day that I’d be curious to see what you get round to posting on the motherhood front!

            1. I am hoping to turn the Bump Chronicles into Baby Chronicles and write about my experiences of being a mum and Little O’s adventures once he’s out of his little safe haven right now.

        2. Once I at least get past those first few weeks of almost continuous feeding I will definitely be back!

  4. I’m gonna miss your Film Fridays Abbi but totally understand! I do enjoy reading your recipe stuff though, so hopefully you can continue on that from time to time. I’m off to Montreal for a week, so I’m on blogging hiatus for a while too 🙂

    1. The recipe posts are a lot quicker to do than the Film Friday ones so they’ll be a lot easier to keep up but I am hoping to occasionally still pop up with a few Film Fridays. Hope you have a great trip!

  5. I am anticipating your blog in general will slow down. Kids will do that! We’ll always be around when you do pop in. Don’t stress about it.

    1. I am very sure that it will because it is quite a time consuming activity and I am expecting to have very little free time but I definitely don’t want to vanish completely because I really enjoy this part of my life and the community I belong to.

      1. I appreciate your wit and posts. 🙂

  6. It’s only natural that your attention would shift a little bit! 🙂 As we grow and evolve so do our blogs, it seems. Kids, right?

    1. Mine has already changed so much over the years. It’s like a chronicle of every element of the last seven years of my life. I can already feel how much my focus has shifted even in these last few weeks of pregnancy.

  7. MIB

    No need to apologise, we understand. But when you’re back we’ll be prepared for all your reviews to be Disney cartoons and Peppa Pig… 😉 😛

    1. Or Studio Ghibli hopefully.

      1. MIB

        Hehe! Good girl! 😉

  8. I feel I must commend you for keeping up a blog while 34 weeks pregnant! I barely have a part time job and i often struggle to get content up. So keep up the good work! 🙂 And good luck for the next few months

    1. I think I am quite used to doing lots of things at once. Work has been a little bit quieter over some of the recent weeks though as my projects wind down before I go on maternity leave, which kind of helps.

      1. Multi-tasking is very useful! Again, good luck in the future. When do you get leave off work?

        1. I stop working on the 10th so one week left.

          1. Enjoy that break!! 🙂 I hope everything goes smoothly and according to plan

            1. I’m a bit apprehensive. I’ve never not worked so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself!

              1. Have yourself a movie marathon! 😉

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