Film Friday #277

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

When the Avengers interfere with Crossbones’ (Max Grillos) nefarious plans leading to the deaths of innocent people the United Nations insists that they come under their control and act only under UN instruction. Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr) believes this is a good idea, while Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) is less convinced when it is suggested that Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) might be behind the latest atrocities. When the Captain refuses to comply Iron Man has no choice but to try and arrest him.As the “enhanced humans” who make up The Avengers take sides it turns out the true conflict they will have to face is the fight with each other rather than the mysterious man (Daniel Bruhl) who is using the distraction to his advantage. There are lots of great things about Captain America: Civil War. The acting is pretty impressive especially from Downey Jnr and Evans who has really grown into The Cap. At the same time the supporting characters are as good as ever with Tom Holland as Spider-Man stealing the show a little for the brief time he is onscreen. It’s interesting to see who picks which side, their motivations and how when the two sides come to face each other how hard it is for them to manage their loyalties. It’s also easy to see both sides which makes it really compelling viewings. Oh and the action sequences are amazing as is the signature Avengers sense of humour. What I didn’t love was Bruhl’s character whose motivations were much less clear than those of the actual Avengers, which made him a bit of a non-entity. It was also longer than it needed to be like pretty much all superhero movies these days. Good stuff. 3.5/5


Look, I know I cheated on you with panther guy but there’s no need to fight over me

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

So it turns out back in the day evil mirror bitch, Ravenna (Charlize Theron) had a sister named Freya (Emily Blunt). Freya was actually quite nice but when her bae (Colin Morgan) killed their baby she decided that she  would head north and start and ice kingdom and ban love (boo). In order to expand her kingdom Freya kidnaps loads of kids and forces them to be soldiers (harsh). Two of these soldiers are Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain) who grow up and fall in love with each other… except that bit happened so fast that I missed it when I went for a wee. When Freya figures this out she separates them with Eric believing Sara is dead and Sara believing Eric has abandoned her. Meanwhile Ravenna has fallen at the hands of Snow White and Freya wants her mirror. So Eric and some dwarves are sent to stop her. Then I fell asleep for a while which might be because this movie is crap but might also be because I am very pregnant and I can’t sleep because my baby thinks he is auditioning for Alien 5. Anyway adventure, magic, violence, etc. Blah. While Hemsworth is pretty charming as The Huntsman and Theron is having a whale of a time chewing scenery as the ludicrous Ravenna, it’s a bit weird trying to turn a movie into prequel and a sequel all at once and it’s all a bit disjointed and cliched. Unnecessary viewing. 2/5


Ravenna’s decision to use boot polish as toothpaste had not ended well

Babies (2010)

Babies follows the lives of four babies from different cultures from birth to their first year of life. Bayar lives in a yurt in Mongolia spending his time in amongst various livestock and being bullied by his older brother.Mari grows up in a Japanese high rise with lots of hi-tech toys and gadgets. Hattie’s American parents are hippies and involve her in all kinds of interesting activities… even when she’d rather escape. And Ponijao lives in the Namibian desert interacting with loads of other children and with a community of mums as well as her own. Although the four have very different ways of life it is fascinating seeing how similar their development is and as a soon to be parent this was one of the best things I could have watched. It’s sweet, funny and utterly adorable and although it’s not very long it’s easy to fall in love with all four little ones as they explore the world. With no dialogue, just a series of events showing their everyday lives this is charming and simple and a reminder of just how lovely innocence is. My experience is probably less than objective considering my current state but I loved it. 4/5


Hattie was less than thrilled to receive a personal plea from Donald Trump to vote for him

We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! (2014)

Neither myself nor Mr O are Twisted Sister fans… in fact I can’t name a single Twisted Sister song even after watching this documentary. However we both love a good band story so when this came up on Netflix we decided to give it a whirl. What ensued was a very interesting look into a band that had a very unique rise to stardom. Starting out in the  clubs of New York Twisted Sister took over suburbs while struggling to find an audience in the city. With their outrageous get ups and stage shows they drew a dedicated following but found it almost impossible to get a record deal. What sets them apart from other struggling bands is their sheer tenacity and ingenuity in getting their music in front of their fans and building an audience without the backing of the music industry. Funny, touching and often utterly bizarre this is a great watch for any rock music fan despite being about an hour longer than it needed to be. 3/5


Bob was regretting his choice to go for the budget strippergram option


  1. LOL. What a strange mix of films you watched this week. Can’t say any of your choices thrilled me; tryouts for Alien 5 would be better entertainment. Keep well.

  2. theipc

    One day I might get to watch Captain America but the others…. nah


  3. MIB

    You can’t name Twisted Sister song? Sorry but “We’re Not Gonna take it”! 😛

  4. Boot polish haha. What a caption. Great reviews.

  5. havent seen any of these and am really only interested in seeing civil war eventually

    1. Civil War is definitely worth a look.

      1. Might finally see it tomorrow. …hope hope

  6. I saw Civil War last week and reviewed it this weekend. I ended up rating it a bit higher than I initially thought I would, despite the slow start. Yeah I think Bruhl got lost in the shuffle but then again there were sooo many characters. I do think the scene of him and Black Panther at the end were quite memorable, and it’s a rare quiet moment in the film.

    1. It does take a bit of time to get going but I appreciate a bit of set up.

  7. Nice reviews! I think I’ll skip The Huntsman as everyone is telling it’s bad. I did like Civil War a lot more than you though and I want to see that Twisted Sister document now. And I totally agree with you on Babies, what a cute documentary; I loved the way how every baby had their different lives but still there were a lot of same things. I really wanted to go Mongolia after seeing this one, the scenery looks so beautiful.

    1. It’s nice to know someone else watched Babies. It was so adorable.

  8. Nice variety of movies. Ahh Babies looks like a cute film, I’ll keep an out for that one.

    1. Thanks! I found it lovely so if you can find it it’s definitely worth a watch.

  9. Great round up here lady! Real mixed lot hey hahaha.

    1. It always ends up like that. I am kak at figuring out any kind of theme.

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