The bump chronicles #21: Face first, bum up

Weeks pregnant: 32
Baby length in vegetables: Kale

Last week we had Little O’s first growth scan. Once again there was confusion at the hospital. The sonographer looked at my notes and said, “31 weeks? we don’t do growth scans at 31 weeks!” So I said, “Well the registrar booked me in.” And she said, “Well she should have but you’re here now so I might as well do it.” As much as I appreciate the amazing healthcare I am receiving all for free at the point of access (because the NHS isn’t technically free to anyone who pays UK tax)  I do kind of wish that the different departments would occasionally communicate with each other.


It appears kale is now such an impressive hipster superfood that we’re even measuring babies with it

I had another experience of this when I phoned Triage on Saturday to report some slightly over target fasting readings as the diabetic clinic is closed on weekends. The midwife I spoke to said things would keep until Tuesday since the readings were only marginal and my after food ones were fine. He checked up to see if I was having a night time snack and I said I was even though the diabetes midwife and nurse thought it was a bad idea. He huffed and said, “no you should definitely eat at night.” Any ideas why I am so confused?

But going back to the growth scan, I am glad to report that Little O’s leg, head and belly measurements are all exactly on track and he is perfectly average. Often babies with mums who have gestational diabetes have bellies that are out of proportion with the rest of their bodies so I am really relieved that this isn’t the case. At the moment they think he weighs about 1.7kg (3lbs 12 ounces), which is also exactly average. All of this has made me feel so much better.

We also caught an extremely lucky break. I never had any intention of paying to have a 3D scan because they’re outrageously expensive and more often than not the baby ends up looking like an alien because it’s so squashed but Little O happened to be in a very good position and the sonographer was in a very mood so (against hospital policy) she captured what I think is the best 3D baby scan picture I have ever seen. Although that might just be because it’s of my baby. Although it’s not just me who thinks he’s pretty… the sonographer thought he was so cute, she went and showed him to everyone else in the department. What do you think? Oddly enough he looks rather a lot like my Oupa (granddad).


The sonographer showed us that Little O is head down, bum up and facing sideways. This doesn’t surprise me because when he wriggles about it feels like he waving his bum back and forth and headbutting me at the same time. Sometimes it’s a bit like being in the movie Alien.

My anxiety treatment is also moving forward slowly but surely. I had an over the phone assessment session last week, which helped me just get things out. It also showed me that although I have been feeling better lately I do definitely have some issues to work out. I will be going to see someone in person later this week.




  1. very cool…. just a bit more to go….

  2. Wow! The images. You can clearly see he’s going to have lips that Tom Hardy would be jealous of. 🙂

  3. Awesome scan pics! 😀 I did get 3D scans done. So strange but so amazing. I’m so glad to have mine. : )

  4. I’ve never been a fan of the 3D images; they just don’t look right to me. But baby O is the exception! Love it.

    And I run into the same problems at my hospital–you all have access to the same records, guys, come on!

  5. Look at that beautiful baby! What a sweet face! But holy moly is that video somewhat frightening – it does look like something straight out of Alien and I can’t begin to imagine how weird that feels.

  6. Awwwww, he looks absolutely gorgeous! Those lips! Hot damn, he moves around like a little demon o.O

    1. He’s unstoppable. Not sure whose lips those are. I think maybe my Oupa.

  7. jennypugh

    Aw, he is gorgeous! That is such a clear picture, and not long until we can see him in person! 🙂

    1. I am looking forward to seeing that little face up close. I bet he’s all squishy at first though!

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