BOOK REVIEW: Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

I was lucky enough to receive this book as part of a giveaway that Katya over at Life and Other Disasters did in honour of World Book Day. She was kind enough to post it to me all the way from Austria so I felt like it would make a perfect next bath book. Thank you, Katya!

Elena is a massive Star Wars fan and has been her whole life so when The Force Awakens comes out she decides she wants the ultimate fan experience, which means queuing up outside her local movie theatre in the middle of winter. Elena is expecting a massive turn out but instead she ends up being third in a line of… three. The other two are Troy, an middle aged superfan with a lot of stories that he is very keen to tell and Gabe, who is the same age as Elena and much more keen to keep himself to himself. As Elena battles the cold, her desperate need to wee all the time, her limited phone battery life and her mom driving around the block every five minutes she starts to realise there might be more to Gabe than meets the eye. 

I feel like I must mention that Kindred Spirits is essentially a novella as it’s less than 100 pages long. In this case I don’t think it works in the story or the characters’ favour. It feels like we barely get to know anyone, which really limits how affecting Elena and Gabe’s inevitable bond can be. There are hints of exploring Elena’s relationship with her absent father and how this has affected her as well as her relationship with her friendship group but there just isn’t enough time to get under the skin of anything.

Having read and been mesmerised by Eleanor and Park , one of Rowell’s previous novels,  know what she is capable of and so ultimately I was disappointed. I think age may also have been a factor. As a teenager I probably would have absolutely loved this but at thirty-five I think I am just not the target audience anymore and I didn’t feel like I could really relate to Elena.

In the end I think the thing I enjoyed most was the last few pages highlighting Rowell’s upcoming novel, Beautiful Broken Things, which was intriguing. I’ll be on the lookout for that.




  1. … three Star Wars fans outside of a cinema for opening weekend of The Force Awakens? Pffffffffff. Even my pissant little cinema had a bigger turnout!

    Sounds like an okay read, though nothing really special.

  2. I loved this i followed you

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