The bump chronicles #20: on feeling pregnant

Weeks pregnant: 31
Baby size in fruit: Coconut

I remember when my friend, Mrs W, was pregnant she told me she never really felt pregnant until she hit seven months and then it all kind of caught up with her at once. I think at the time I didn’t really get it. Then suddenly last week I woke up one morning and… bam… I felt pregnant.

Coconut isolated on white background.

Hopefully Little O is much less hairy than this

As much as my pregnancy has derailed me emotionally and I am now struggling with a medical condition when it comes to physical side effects I have had an amazingly easy ride. Apart from some first trimester nausea and a little round ligament pain I have felt very little physical impact of being pregnant… until now. Suddenly I get trapped in my chair if I sit for too long and everything hurts – my legs, my hips, my back, my ribs and just whatever bit Little O has decided he is going to attack next.He continues to be as lively as ever but now he’s big enough to actually hurt me when he goes for it.

On top of this I am struggling to sleep more than ever. Throughout my pregnancy I have found sleeping a challenge but now that I pee about once an hour (exacerbated by the fact that with gestational diabetes it is recommended to drink at least 3 litres of water a day), I can’t get comfortable Even rolling over is turning into a military operation. I have had some help with comfort by using an old spare duvet as a cheap version of those fancy pregnancy pillows you can buy for £40 but I think it’s going to be a very, very long time before I have another good night’s sleep.

I am still managing to go to the gym but even my trainer is easing up a bit on me and modifying my squats and lunges because my bump gets in the way. If anyone is wondering just how massive I have become… here’s a little indication.


I had my dfrst appointment at the Gestational Diabetes clinic earlier this week. I saw the registrar, dietician and a diabetes nurse. The registrar was shocked that the diabetes midwife had deemed a 28 and 30 week scan unnecessary and immediately booked me in for a scan today. I’m 31 weeks so it’s obviously now much too late for a 28 week scan. The dietician said my diet is excellent and I should change nothing, which made me feel better. It’s probably silly but I immediately felt comfortable with her because she was South African. She did seem a lot more clued up than what I’ve heard so far from others. My fasting readings aren’t completely under control and the nurse seemed super keen on insulin but she agreed to let me try increasing to 2 Metformin a day to see if that works. Then I waited almost an hour and a half for a blood test but all in all I think a pretty good first go.


  1. You look so cute in the chubby chops piccie.
    So sorry you’re not sleeping well; that makes everything more difficult. Hang in there, Abbi. Hugs.

    1. Thank you! I feel kind of… inflated. I used to look forward to going to bed but now I know I’m going to be up and down and lying awake I’m kind of like what’s the point. But I guess it’s good practice for a small baby since he’s only going to be sleeping for small stretches between feeds.

      1. Have you stopped working yet?

        1. Nope. Not till 10 June. I should have about a week off before I’m induced. I think I’ll go a bit mad sitting at home with nothing to do.

  2. You look great, Abbi! It’s tough at the end but you’re almost there… : )

    1. It’s coming up so fast. I’m freaking out a bit! Lol!

      1. Yeah, I gotta admit that I was scared shitless! But it’ll be over before you know it. And then the fun really begins! ; ) I can’t wait! I’m so excited for you!! 😀

  3. You look marvelous. I am glad you have a dietitian who resonates with you!

    1. Thank you! She seems to have a good understanding of how gestational diabetes works. From the support group I joined it seems that many NHS dieticians suggest foods that cause blood sugar spikes.

  4. You’re so close now 😊

  5. GaryGreg828

    You look healthy and young. Great job on the diet! Sorry you can’t sleep well. I guess the best thing to do is sit or lay and stay as relaxed and calm as you can. You’re doing awesome, though! Not too much further to go. 🙂

    1. Thank you! As a 35 year old first time mum to be I sometimes feel ancient. Lol! The stiller and calmer I am the more he parties in here so it can be very hard to find any time where I am comfy enough to sleep but I had a BIG lie in this morning and it was lovely! Appreciate the encouragement!

  6. You are looking fabulous lady!

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