The bump chronicles #18: Baby hiccups… they’re a thing

Weeks pregnant: 29
Baby size in vegetables: Butternut squash

Little O is now what I would class as “massive” and I feel like I have achieved a size that could comfortably be referred to as Orca. Up until now my pregnancy hasn’t really affected me all that much physically but my bump now feels heavy for the first time to the point that my PT, who is notoriously tough, has softened up a bit on the Sumo squats and lunges since the sheer girth gets in the way. I also inadvertently knocked over my colleague’s water bottle the other day because I had lost track of the end of the bump and I am forever finding a bit of whatever I have been cooking on my top at bump level because it’s been interfering in the food.


Butternut squash… my favourite

Of course there is way more bump expansion to come, which is something that became evident to me when I was on the bus to catch the tube earlier this week because the sodding train station was closed. The bus was packed because I wasn’t the only one who had had that idea but I had gotten on early enough on the route to get one of the priority seats designated for elderly, disabled and pregnant passengers. When a lady who was clearly further along than me got on a few stops later, I was the only one to offer her a seat. I did rather enjoy the shame of everyone else sitting down when the two of us had a nice long chat about due dates and bump sizes.

In other news Little O’s movements are getting more and more lively and persistent. Sometimes my belly moves in weird ripples for hours but the funniest thing he does is hiccup. Apparently babies do this around about this stage because they’re learning to use their diaphragms. Little O is going to have a well exercised diaphragm because he gets hiccups several times a day, which I experience as little rhythmic pulses and which always make me giggle.

For those who are wondering how I am getting on with the gestational diabetes the answer is that it’s not easy. I am struggling with my first thing in the morning readings, which is the hardest to control because they’re usually not related to what you’re actually eating. I still haven’t actually seen the diabetes midwife because of a mix up at the hospital. I should see her tomorrow although I am not particularly confident since she’s given me some odd advice and we’ve had a run in already. It has to be the world’s most confusing diet to follow. You can’t cut carbs completely but everyone tolerates a different amount of carbs and how much you tolerate changes from one day to the next because of hormones. Plus there is so much conflicting advice and every health trust treats the condition differently. I am focusing on the upside of being able to eat a lot more bacon than I normally would. Mmm… bacon.



  1. When is your due date? I remember placing cups of tea on my tummy just to check in and see them move beneath the skin. Pretty awesome.

    1. 26 June although with the diabetes they’re likely to recommend an induction about 2 weeks before that. I was trying to work with my laptop resting against my belly the other day and he kept trying to kick it off.

  2. I didn’t know they could hiccup! That’s adorable!

    1. They do some amazing stuff in there. He can hear and recognise voices and sounds and he responds to Mr O talking to him. He also drinks and wees out amniotic fluid which is less cute and one of the reasons I spend 80% of my life in the bathroom!

  3. Oh dear, the diabetes lady does not sound like a winner. Hiccuping? I had no idea, how sweet! And that he is responding to voices and all. As for the bump? Good luck. I can imagine working out with that bump is going to become quite the challenge!

    1. There’s an update coming later this week but she is actually pretty good. I was in such a state emotionally last week I think it clouded my judgement. I think I have maybe a month more of workouts in me and then it might be too much. I’m starting to get some aches and pains now.

      1. I am so glad to hear that is working out better then, at least. Wow, still, another month is still quite a chunk of time! Ouch, I can just imagine that!

        1. It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever but at the same time it feels like the baby is going to be here way before I’m ready!

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