The bump chronicles #17: On a great love affair

Weeks pregnant: 28
Baby size in vegetables: 🍆

Mr O has always wanted to be a dad. So as soon as I told him that Little O was a reality he was immediately over the moon and even when Little O was barely even the whisper of a human he started looking for ways to communicate with him… mainly though making mix tapes to “educate” him.


I swear babies are only measured in purple vegetables


The real love affair started though when my bump became properly visible and Little O started booting me hard enough for Mr O to feel. Since then he has spent all the time he can feeling my bump for movement and chattering away to his son. He can’t wait to hear about every little movement his son makes and loves the fact that he’s such a lively little chap. (As an aside someone on Scary Mommy described their baby’s movements as “like a rat scrabbling around in a glass bowl” and I laughed out loud because that is surprisingly accurate. I often imagine I can feel little feet and hands poking about).


Week 5 – he didn’t even have ears

The relationship certainly isn’t one way though. I am convinced Little O knows his daddy. Whenever anyone else puts their hand on my belly to feel movements Little O stubbornly goes still but for Mr O he is happy to perform like the little monkey I am sure he is going to be.

I am so grateful for the bond that has already formed and Mr O’s love and enthusiasm since from what I can tell from the forums on the baby app I have been using, not all future dads are as excited or interested.. or using their unborn child to buy toys that are almost definitely for themselves. I can’t wait for the two of them to meet each other.


Enterprise vs Romulan Bird of Prey


  1. That is such a cute kicking story.

    1. Thanks! Mr O is already better at this whole baby lark than I am.

      1. Like you’re not going to overtake him soon ha

  2. So sweet! You know that love is going to magnified by one million once Little O makes his grand entrance.

    1. Mr O is going to be brilliant. I’m going to be a disaster area.

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