Soundtrack to my life movie tag

I had a bit of a quiet Easter weekend so I finally managed to get a chance to work on the Soundtrack to my life movie blog that the punktheory over at Le Cinéma en Rose tagged me in. This one is all about the films that have resonated with us.

Opening Credits: Favorite Childhood movie:

Childhood film

I didn’t see many films when I was a child. We rarely went to the cinema and we didn’t own a VCR until I was thirteen but I do have very fond memories of Alice in Wonderland, which is one of only two or three good Disney movies.

Waking up: A film that got you out of a movie watching slump:

end of rut

After a year-long hiatus my desire to get back into doing Film Friday started with Mad Max 2.

School: A movie you had to watched for school that you ended up loving:

School days

This will probably surprise anyone I went to school with because I used to endlessly take the piss out of this movie but my adult self loves Strictly Ballroom, which was the film we studied for English Literature in my Matric year (senior year/A-levels).

Falling In Love: A director you love so much you want to watch all of their movies:

in love

Strictly Ballroom was just the start of my love affair with Baz Luhrmann. I know not everyone loves the Aussie director the way I do but I am an unashamed fangirl of his aesthetic.

Fight: Movie with the best action sequences:

Action sequences

Kill Bill, no questions asked. The Bride is my spirit animal.

Break up: A movie you didn’t finish and do not intend to finish:

couldn't finish

I don’t get Terrence Mallick. There. I said it. I will normally force my way through almost any film because I hate leaving anything unfinished but The Thin Red Line is the one I just could not manage.

Hanging With Friends: Movie you think everyone else should watch:

hanging with friends

I will recommend Everything is Illuminated at any possible opportunity. It’s been my favourite film for over 10 years.

Breakdown: Movie that seriously affected you/had you crying your eyes out:

broke my heart

I’m not sure why The Help  got to me so much. I think it’s because the environment I grew up in in South Africa was very similar in many ways to that depicted in the film and the relationships between the employers and their servants was so relatable to me even though I grew up in one of the few households that did not have a housekeeper.

Roadtrip: You favorite series (more than 3 films):


I have to agree with thepunktheory on this. The Harry Potter series is my absolute favourite.

Flashback: Your favorite movie from 5 years ago


It’s got to be Kick-Ass. It was the start of slightly more raw “superhero” movies and it completely cracked me up.

Getting Back Together: What movie can you not stop re-watching


I know Miss Congeniality should be everything that I hate but I cannot get enough of it… in fact I think I might need to go and watch it again… right now.

Wedding: A movie that is really special to you:

Special to me

I just absolutely love 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s the perfect romcom and the perfect teen movie.

Moment of Triumph: Longest movie you’ve ever watch:

longest film

It’s got to be Das Boot. It was totally worth it in the end but it felt like it went on for days.

Death Scene: Movie you wish had ended differently:

Different ending

Kingsman was such a good laugh until that final dreadful joke at the end that ruined everything. Ugh.

Funeral: Movie with the best or worst epilogue:


Although the Minions movie was a total bust, I love these little yellow fuckers and their song at the end of Despicable Me 2 amused me to no end.

End Credits: Who do you tag?

Anyone who wants to join in!





  1. I totally loved Kingsman, but you are SO right about that final joke. Terrible!

    1. R. Henneberg

      Agreed. Awful ending to a great movie.

    2. I just remember being so disappointed because I was loving it up till then 😞

      1. Totally get it! I thought that was kind of low too.

  2. Great answers!
    I agree with you on so many of the questions 😀

    1. Thanks! I think we have very similar taste!

  3. R. Henneberg

    Everything is Illuminated is such a great little movie. All the love!

    1. It always makes me laugh, then cry, then smile.

      1. R. Henneberg

        Yeah, pretty much sums up my feelings as well.

  4. The book was a scream. And the film adaptation made the book comprehensible. I’m with you on Everything is Illuminated.

    1. I’m so glad to see that a few people have seen it. I think it’s such a lost gem.

  5. Great post, Abbi! 😀 I like this idea. Hmm…. Perhaps I’ll do this too if I get the time. Haha – that Kingsman joke was the WORST!!! Ugh. The Help quite upset me too. I remember getting especially upset at just how awful that little girl was treated by her mother. 😦

    1. I’d love to see your take. The Help legit broke my heart. It was so sad to see someone show so little affection towards an innocent, sweet child.

  6. […] of days ago I read Abbi’s nice post of Soundtrack to my life movie tag that is originally from Le Cinéma en Rose blog and wanted to do […]

  7. Great and entertaining lot here lady!

    1. Thanks! I would love to see yours!

      1. Maybe I will do one, let’s see how my schedule looks!

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