The bump chronicles #15: On pregnancy making me even noisier

Weeks pregnant: 26
Baby size in vegetables: Red cabbage

Being pregnant has turned me into a much noisier women. I know my husband and some of my colleagues might not have thought this was possible but it’s true.


Yet another purple vegetable…

The first reason is that I have reached a stage of pregnancy where I have to do a sort of groaning-grunting noise when I get off the sofa or out of bed. This is because my bump is now ginormous, my stomach muscles have relaxed (who knew how much you use them just to move around) and it takes a bit more effort than it used to to move one place to another.

And they called her megabelly!

The other noise you might hear coming from me is the gentle jingling coming from my bola. A bola is a little ball you wear low around your waist while pregnant. It chimes and makes a noise that is soothing to your baby. After the baby is born you can wear it around your neck and it’s a comforting and familiar sound. A couple of weeks ago I took Little O on what will probably be his last in utero plane trip to visit my friend, Lauren in Glasgow. Lauren lives in South Africa but she occasionally travels into Europe for work so I took advantage of her most recent trip to catch up with her. It was a great catch up not only because Lauren brought me the aforementioned bola as a gift as well as some Where the Wild Things Are paintings for Little O’s nursery, outfits for him and South African Easter eggs for me, but also because she has a two year old daughter and was able to give me some really calming advice. We had a great time exploring Glasgow with Lauren’s colleague and I came back feeling like I’d been away for more than just a day.


  1. Hey I do a grunting groaning noise when I get up off the sofa!

    1. Have you made sure you’re not pregnant?

  2. When is your due date? Your bump is ginormous? Ha! Just you wait 😉

    1. 26 June. I know… I’m scared.

  3. A bola?? Never heard of that! I like the sound of that. 🙂

    1. Apparently it’s a South American thing. Sometimes I forget to wear it but I love the concept.

  4. I love the idea of the bola. Never heard of it but its really neat. What are South African easter eggs?

    1. The ones she brought me are marshmallow covered in a chocolate coating. I love them.

      1. Ian loves those! They sell them by the dozen here, in egg cartons.

  5. What a belly! I love it! I’ve also never heard of a bola but psychologically it makes sense… the womb is such a safe and pleasant space for babies so it only makes sense that the noise association would be a positive one. Such a lovely idea.

  6. Love your baby bump…too cute!

    1. Thank you! It’s getting bigger and bigger!

  7. Ah, so nice to have seen your friend, and great gifts, too!

    1. She’s such an amazingly thoughtful person. I am lucky to have her.

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