The bump chronicles #14: On family support

Week’s pregnant: 25
Baby size in vegetables: Swede

Over the last couple of weeks we visited with Mr O’s family this weekend for mother’s day and his dad’s 60th. We saw loads of the extended family including his cousin, Marc and Marc’s wife, Sam who have a little girl and five month old twins. Being as broody as I am and considering how cute the twins are, I spent a fair bit of time with one or the other on my lap. Little O clearly felt that he was being left out and attempted to aggressively boot whichever one I was holding at the time. I think he wants to play. Unfortunately he won’t move on command for anyone but daddy so no one else got to feel him participating in the party.


Little O is now the weight of a swede and apparently just about as purple… but hopefully less lumpy

Getting to catch up with everyone also reminded us of how incredibly fortunate we are to have such strong family support nearby. Not only have Marc and Sam been kind enough to pass down a pushchair, car seat, high chair, baby bath, Moses basket and about twenty other amazingly useful things I think I’ve already forgotten (man, babies have a lot of stuff!) they’ve also given us all the clothes the twins have grown out of. And once we put those together with all the beautiful things Mrs O senior and my mum and aunt have bought we’re close to being able to build our own babygro mountain (Mr O’s description). We cannot thank everyone enough not only for their incredible generosity but also for showing Little O how very loved he already is. Now I just have to work on convincing Mr O that him and Little O don’t both need multiple outfit changes a day just for fun/Instagram.




  1. Haha! Babies need SO MUCH STUFF!!! 😉 It’s insane.

    1. I am not good with lots of stuff. I think it’s going to drive me nuts. Even Mr O’s stuff drives me nuts.

      1. I hear ya! I was sooooo anxious to get rid of all the baby stuff as soon as she outgrew it all. Ugh. TOO MUCH STUFF!!

  2. You’ll be just as bad with the outfit changes, just you wait!

    1. I am hoping that I will be sensible enough only to change the outfits for erm… explosive reasons.

  3. Family support can be so important. How lovely, so much awesomeness, and a babygro mountain!

    1. Mrs O Senior has been shopping again. I am honestly not sure where we are going to put it all!

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