The bump chronicles #8: Little O makes its presence felt and the joys of pregnancy fitness

Weeks pregnant: 19
Baby size in fruit: 🍅 (I am not sure how we have gone from a turnip to a pepper to a tomato. I can only imagine it’s one of those big ass beef tomatoes)

I have a colleague that sits right by me at work whose wife is due this week Friday. He told me that her bump popped out in stages and I am starting to think that the same thing is happening to me. Over the last four weeks or so the bump has stayed much the same size but suddenly in the last week it had a bit of a boom and is poking out a lot more. bigstock_Striped_Beefsteak_Tomato__Nor_2312063

I have started following some pregnancy Instagrams where moms-to-be share pictures of their bumps. It is really interesting to see how differently everyone carries. At 19 weeks there are some people who are barely showing and other people who are already way bigger than I am. I am still at the point where whether people notice I am pregnant or not depends on what I am wearing. Although I don’t think I was kidding anyone in this body con dress I wore last week (excuse the bathroom selfie).


Sometimes when I am on the train I do wish that it was an eensy bit bigger though because then maybe a few more people would offer me a seat!

It’s not just the bump that’s making sure that Little O’s presence is being felt. I have been able to feel him/her bouncing about in there for weeks but last night for the first time Mr O felt a couple of little pulses under his hand when he was stroking my belly. I think Little O is already very much bonding with his/her daddy since sometimes I can feel him/her moving under Mr O’s hand when he’s cuddling me.

I have been back at the gym with my personal trainer for a couple of weeks now after my December/January break. I’m really enjoying being back but I can really feel that my endurance is not what it was. Last week during my leg session doing squat holds I think I came close to tears for the first time ever in the almost 3 years I have been training consistently. My trainer isn’t one for cutting any slack though and after allowing me to have a water break and shake out my legs I still had to finish my set. I can definitely see the results though and my arms and legs are in better shape than they have ever been… plus I have increased my chest press weight by 5kg.

I also learned that I am officially too pregnant to run three blocks after the bus at full pace. I got a good speed going but when I came to a stop I did not feel very good and I missed the bus anyway. Plus I felt kind of bad after a couple of the guys I work with raised the point that if I had fallen it wouldn’t just have been me who hit the deck. Time for Uber and me to become better friends!


  1. I remember I had slipped on ice and fell flat on my backside. Truly a scary moment not for me but hoping I hadn’t hurt my son inside. Fortunately, I had enough padding on the butt to cushion the fall. So, take your own advice and don’t run 😉
    Happy you are progressing well!

    1. abbiosbiston

      I realise I have to be more careful but sometimes I kind of forget I am pregnant. Definitely no more running!

  2. You look great in the black dress! Definitely don’t run if it doesn’t make you feel good.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Thank you! It’s hard to remember sometimes that I can’t keep going like I used to.

  3. Ahhhhh, that’s adorable to hear (the snuggling and cuddling), and I agree, maybe hold off on the running!

    1. abbiosbiston

      In the last couple of days it’s been even more active and we’ve had lots more little kicks on the outside. I promise no more running.

  4. You look fabulous! That pregnancy glow has well and truly kicked in.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Aww bless you. I have my moments. Sometimes I feel like I could just sleep for a month.

  5. I totally laughed at your reference to getting a seat.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Was it funny? Mostly I find it more frustrating because I hate asking and sometimes I am desperate to sit down even though I am not physically that big yet but just because I feel tired/dizzy.

      1. It’s funny from the outside. At some point you’ll back and laugh 🙂

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