100 Days of Selfies: Day 1 – 10

Some of you will remember I embarked on an Instagram project last year called 100 Days of Happiness where I took a photo a day for 100 days of something that made me happy (more here). This year I have decided to try something a little different. I enjoyed 100 Days of Happiness because it pushed me to look for at least one thing each day that lifted my mood. Mostly it wasn’t that challenging because I am generally a happy person but it definitely helped me to engage positively with the world around me. This time I am going introspective and want to spend 100 days capturing my moods, feelings and activities to get in touch with myself a bit more. Also I will be indulging my own vanity because I am essentially a pretty vain creature. Since my blog readers seemed to enjoy 100 Days of Happiness so much I now bring you 100 Days of Selfies in 10 day bursts.

Day 1


I was grumpy on day 1 because my hair would not cooperate and my fringe (bangs) had gone wrong. I love my fringe but it is hard work and unpredictable

Day 2


A much better hair and weather day… well in the morning anyway

Day 3


Last week was my last week in my old job and it ended up being one of the most stressful weeks in my eleven years of working in email marketing. This is my tense face at work.

Day 4


On Thursday I went out with my friend, Neil for his birthday which was great. Standing around for ages in the rain waiting for the bus to go and meet him in Farringdon was less great

Day 5


Ready for my last day in my old job made me feel happy/sad. Happy because I am ready for a new challenge but sad because I love the team I have been working with for so long

Day 6


On Saturday morning I went to the gym but I had to really talk myself into getting out of bed to make my 9.15am class

Day 7


This last weekend was a bank holiday weekend in the UK which means that Monday was a holiday. Mr O was working all weekend so I didn’t do very much… except dye my hair and get my nails sis so this was me trying to prove that I had a productive weekend

Day 8


Sometimes I have like 6 cups of rooibos tea a day… okay most days I have about 6 cups of rooibos tea. Mmm… tea…

Day 9


Yesterday was my first official day as a Product Owner. Same company but a complete career change. I survived!

Day 10


Today I realised I haven’t smiled in any of my photos, which seems silly because I am a very smiley person


  1. I like this idea. Long live the Selfie. Although Day 6 is literally a ‘This’ll do’ selfie haha! Keep up the 100 days!

    1. abbiosbiston

      I find them really fun to do. I’m not sure why they have such a bad rap. Day 6 I was so sleepy and not wanting to work out. Ha ha!

    1. abbiosbiston


  2. I LOVE your red shade color in Day 7! I’m actually getting highlights this weekend and I just might ask for that fiery shade of red 😀

    1. abbiosbiston

      Ooh good plan. My hair is straight out of a box but I have been dyeing it this colour for so many years that I think it takes especially well.

  3. Love your bangs or should I say “fringe” 😉

    1. abbiosbiston

      Thank you! One of those words that is different in UK English vs US. Bangs sounds so weird to me.

      1. It’s funny as my husband calls them “fringe” and our daughter’s thought that was super funny!

  4. What big blue eyes you have! Your lifestyle change really shows. You look thin and fit. Congratulations.

  5. Yay! Self portraits! Abbi, would you give me permission to share some of these and/or others on my collaborqtive blog on self portraits, please?
    Credit given and a link back to your blog. 🙂

    1. abbiosbiston

      Absolutely! I’d be honoured!

      1. Thank you, Abbi. I’ve had a break from it for a while but I should be back into it again soon. I’ll let you know when I post anything. 🙂

  6. jmount43

    So wonderful to put a face to the woman who has been so supportive of Written in Blood and Alt-Postr-Monday for so long. What a pretty face it is.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Aww how very kind you are 😍

      1. jmount43

        Just being honest. I can’t wait to see the next set of selfies.

  7. I like the smiling one. 🙂 You’ve started a new job?? Exciting! But I know that can also be very stressful. Probably why I’ve stayed in a job I don’t like for ten years!

    1. abbiosbiston

      Thanks! I am at the same company I have been at for 11 years but I was getting a bit bored with my current role and was offered the opportunity of a complete career change so I thought why not?

      1. That’s cool! I’ve had a complete career change at my company too. Not by choice. And they don’t pay me any more for it even though it’s WAY more work… Lol 😉 Hope you’re liking it!

        1. abbiosbiston

          Ah… mine was not my immediate choice but once it was suggested to me it made perfect sense. I did insist on more money as well. Your situation seems rather unfair 😦

  8. I’ve said it before I’m sure. You have the best hair.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Aww! Thank you. 😍

  9. What a cool idea! I loved scrolling through your pics, they say a lot about you I am sure. How weird is that, right? I love the day 2 one, you look gorgeous!!

    1. abbiosbiston

      Aww, you are too kind! I think it’s nice when our blogs show a little bit of who we are to our readers.

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