Film Friday #242

The Guest (2014)

Not long after the death of their son, a soldier named David (Dan Stevens) turns up on the door of the Peterson family. He claims to have served with their son and to have promised to take care of the family. Grief stricken, the family welcomes David into their home and he starts to make himself comfortable and useful… maybe a little too useful. He bonds with younger brother, Luke (Brendan Meyer) and helps him stand up to the kids who bully him. He commiserates with dad, Spencer (Leland Orser) over the fact that he’s lost out to a management position to a younger co-worker and reminisces with mom, Laura (Sheila Kelley). Daughter, Anna (Maika Monroe), on the other hand, is suspicious and when a series of murders occurs she starts to wonder who David really is. There were some things I really loved about The Guest. I thought Dan Stevens was fantastic as the enigmatic, David with his piercing blue stare, deep whispery voice and ability to snap between moods with no warning. I also loved the 80’s inspired styling and soundtrack. I even thought the beginning of the story was pretty compelling but once David’s origins become a bit more clear it loses its innovative angle and becomes a bit of a run of the mill shoot ’em up thriller. It’s not enough to stop it from being a cool and unusual little film though and I would definitely recommend giving it a watch, even if its just for Stevens who couldn’t be further away from his Downton Abbey role. 3.5/5

David was very unhappy to hear that Gossip Girl had been cancelled

David was very unhappy to hear that Gossip Girl had been cancelled

Pacific Rim (2013) 

In the not too distant future Earth is plagued by monsters called Kaiju who attack from the sea which they enter from rift to another dimension. In defense the world has pooled its resources to build giant robots called Jagers, which are controlled by two pilots who form a kind of psychic link to direct the machine. After the death of his brother and co-pilot during an Kaiju battle, Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) has resigned from the Jager programme and started working in construction. At the same time the programme leader,  Maj. Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) is desperately trying to keep the Jagers active after a series of failed missions at the Kaiju attacks intensify. Pentecost decides to bring a reluctant Raleight back for one final battle but he’ll have to find him a new co-pilot, which is where his adoptive daughter, Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) comes in. At the same time scientists, Geiszler (Charlie Day) and Gottlieb (Burn Gorman) are working on some interesting theories on what’s driving the Kaiju that might change everything. I didn’t have very high hopes for Pacific Rim so I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Not only does it look amazing but the performances were great, well from everyone but Burn Gorman who was awful, and I loved the relationship between Raleigh and Mako. I also loved the idea that people were selling Kaiju parts on the black market and Ron Perlman was so much fun as a black market baron called Hannibal Chau. It probably was a bit long and Charlie Hunnam had far too many clothes on but really this is what Godzilla should have been. 3.5/5

"What do you mean this film is called Pacific Rimjob?"

“What do you mean this film isn’t called Pacific Rimjob?”

Byzantium (2012)

Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan play Clara and Eleanor, a vampire bother and daughter who move from place to place trying to survive and avoid a brotherhood of vampire elders who are trying to kill them. They live by a strict code and attempt to remain inconspicuous with Clara using her body to make money to support them. But when they arrive in a small coastal town, Eleanor meets Frank (Caleb Landry-Jones), a sickly hotel worker and starts to struggle to keep their story to herself. As the past unfolds alongside the future and the brotherhood get ever closer Eleanor starts to pull away from Clara but will Clara survive without her? The concept of this story was pretty cool and I liked the dark atmosphere that was created but unfortunately Gemma Arterton cannot act for shit, which kind of ruins the entire film. Clara and Eleanor’s background story involving two soldiers played by Sam Riley and Jonny Lee Miller sometimes doesn’t make much sense and it really slows down the pace. Not for me. 2/5

Clara's pulling techniques had a way of flooring the fellas

Clara’s pulling techniques had a way of flooring the fellas

Donkey Punch (2008)

Lisa (Sian Breckin), Tammi (Nichola Burley) and Kim (Jaime Winston) are on holiday in Spain when the crew of a yacht invite them to come on board. They head out to sea and indulge in drinking, drugs and flirtation but when a sex game goes wrong there are terrible consequences that will leave everyone struggling for survival. Donkey Punch has some major problems. There is almost zero character development and both the girls and the boys are completely two-dimensional and stereotypical following typical horror movie tropes like the slutty one being punished and the posh ones being more concerned about their reputation than human life. It’s also very focused on being as crude, disgusting and edgy as possible which gives it a very juvenile air. All that said, I didn’t hate every second of it and as budget horrors go it was kind of entertaining. I wouldn’t seek it out but I have seen worse things. I kind of feel like Eric might like it so maybe one to check out? 2/5

One stop closer and this is going up your arse!

One stop closer and this is going up your arse!


  1. theipc

    HAHAHA!! Donkey Punch is OK but it’s kind of – why?? Happy Weekend m’lady! Also –


    1. abbiosbiston

      Yeah, the being gross for the sake of being gross is really over the top. And happy weekend to you too, good sir!

  2. I fell asleep watching Pacific Rim. But The Guest sounds like something I’d like!

    1. abbiosbiston

      Pacific Rim has a bit of a slow start but once it gets going it’s really action packed. I think you would like The Guest though.

  3. Pacific Rim was so much fun! It’s cheesy and corny but that’s what it was trying to be. I need to see The Guest. I keep hearing it’s pretty good.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Oh totally. it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not.

      The Guest is definitely worth a watch.

  4. I liked The Guest too but I didn’t see it as the phenomenal thriller that some did. Pacific Rim was pretty fun on the big screen but I haven’t had the urge to see it again since.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Yeah I don’t think Pacific Rim has much of a rewatchability factor. The Guest is good but I also didn’t think it quite loved up to the hype.

  5. As you know I LOVE Pacific Rim!! I didn’t expect to love it that much but man was it fun! Ahah, Charlie did have some nice shirtless moments though, and Idris in that uniform… yowza! 😛

    I enjoyed The Guest mostly for bad ass Dan Stevens!

    1. abbiosbiston

      It’s all about the hotties! Lol!

  6. Quite a mixed bag, and for once I’ve seen them all!

    1. abbiosbiston

      Were you a fan of any of them?

      1. I liked the guest but probably didn’t go as nuts for it as most people. I liked byzantium too but it was very flawed. I thought Pacific Dim was terrible, even in spite of idris and his insane hotness. Donkey punch was hilariously bad to the point of being quite watchable.

        1. abbiosbiston

          It seems Pacific Rim is a bit of a marmite one. You’re either going to love or hate it. I can understand both sides.

  7. Oof, not a great weekend! The only one of these I’ve seen is Pacific Rim and I HATED it.

    1. abbiosbiston

      Well for me there were two good ones 😛 I think you might like The Guest.

      1. Yeah, I’m curious about that one. Looks good.

  8. I loved the guest! Dan Stevens is a very good actor and his beautiful blue eyes add to it!
    Also I am a lover of vampires and Byzantium is an amazing film

    1. abbiosbiston

      I think he’s got a very interesting future ahead of him. I’m glad you enjoyed Byzantium more than I did.

  9. Nice reviews! That’s a shame about Byzantium – I’ve kind of been wanting to see that. Never been too bothered about Donkey Punch, though! The Guest was… Okay. I can see why some love it so much. I wanted to like it a little more. And I preferred Pacific Rim to Godzilla! A lot of people hated it but I enjoyed it for the action film that it was. 🙂

    1. abbiosbiston

      Don’t let me put you off because I have had at least one comment from someone who loved it so you might enjoy it. Pacific Rim was SO much better than Godzilla. Godzilla was a bit old pile of POOP!

  10. MIB

    Re: Pacific Rim – I’m sure you know that “Kaiju” is the Japanese word for “Monster” which is why Del Toro named the aliens so, in tribute to the Japanese kaiju film genre, as well as the Jagers being a tribute to the mecha genre of anime.

    End nerdy pedant mode. 😛

    1. abbiosbiston

      They actually kind of mention that in the film. All makes a lot of sense.

      1. MIB

        A lot of people may have missed that while others didn’t know if Del Toro was paying homage to the kaiju genre or ripping it off. Knowing this makes it much clearer as you say. 🙂

  11. I haven’t seen the last three and they don’t really sound like my sorta movie, but I loved The Guest, especially that soundtrack. Stevens is excellent! Though you are right about it tapering down a bit towards the end. I did however LOVE that final scene, even if it was a bit predictable

    1. abbiosbiston

      I am looking forward to seeing what Stevens does next.

      1. Me too! He was great in that Neeson movie from last year, A Walk Among The Tombstones I think. He must have been wearing contacts cos his eyes looked reeeeally green!!

  12. Great round up lady! I am a HUGE fan of The Guest, dear goodness Dan Stevens was so YUMMY in there, and I loved the soundtrack and Broyles and… and… I will just shhhh now because I will gush all day. Glad to see you liked it. I must say I hated Pacific Rim :/ It was so useless and annoying and I couldn’t switch my brain off for it. Also, doesn’t help I am not a fan of Hunnam or Perlman.

    1. abbiosbiston

      So you were a fan of The Guest then? 😛 I think Pacific Rim is a real love-hate movie.

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