Shitfest Summer 2015: The Lucky Shit

Ladies and gentlemen Shitfest is once again upon us! Glory hallelujah! This time I am sharing my thoughts on The Lucky One so check that shit out!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Ah Shitfest, the biannual event that made me famous. This time I am back to lambaste the cinematic reworkings of one of my most hated novelists, Nicholas Sparks, the man who brought us not only the bizarrely popular The Notebook and the utterly ludicrous, Safe Haven. I have decided to turn my beady eye on The Lucky One,  a mind-numbing attempt to cash in not only on the Americans’ love of large dogs (like Zach Efron) and as well as veterans… as long as it doesn’t have to take care of them after they’ve come back from the illegal war… but I digress.

The Lucky Shit AKA The Lucky One (2012)

Zach Efron plays a marine stationed in I-Rack, who after a raid on what seems like mostly women and children spots a photo lying in the dust. When he goes over to pick up there is an explosion…

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